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How to Impress Your Guest with Your Courtyard Garden Design

Looking for some recreational activity? Then it is time to clean up your courtyard and design a personal courtyard garden. Courtyard garden design is gaining rapid popularity in urban areas. These gardens break the continuous streak of city concrete and provide a lush green environment. It is a way of adding some green to your home while showcasing your creativity. So if you are on the mission to create the perfect courtyard garden design, then read on to find out a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve this goal.

Courtyard Garden Design

Courtyard Garden Design

Do’s and Don’ts of Courtyard Garden Design

  1. Do not cramp up your courtyard. The first thing that you have to realize about courtyard garden design and you have to treat your courtyard like any other room in your house. This means that you cannot simply add or remove stuff according to your wish. You need to keep your courtyard keep and tidy.
  2. Do provide a luxuriously wide walking path. This will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the courtyard garden design but also you can walk on these pavements and spend some time with your family during the weekend. You can also pave the pathway or separate boundaries with stones and pebbles.
  3. Do not put high fences. This will make your garden looked caged and enclosed. Always try to create an open, breezy, unrestricted atmosphere. If you are worried about nosy neighbors, you can use portable screens over the fences.
  4. Do not employ mass plantation. Remember that you are trying to convert your courtyard into a garden, not an agricultural field. So do not plant the same variety for large stretches. Even if you are fond of one particular plant and want to have a huge quantity of that, break the stretch into alternate bands and use another plant variety in the middle. Do not let it be too monotonous.
  5. Do divide the land area into zones. Proper planning is essential to the success of any project. Before starting the plantation process, separate the land into smaller areas. You can grow different varieties in each of this zone. This is very practical if you have seasonal varieties. Even you can also harvest some small plants and herbs on your courtyard, and covert this place as your kitchen garden.
  6. Do not leave the ground bare. Always make sure that your garden is alive throughout the year. If you use seasonal varieties, then buy a mixed pattern to ensure continuity through crop rotation. In bare spaces, you can add green by planting grass.
  7. Do not leave the edges and ends uncovered. This can lead to an unwelcoming effect. So cover them up with flower pots or other accessories. You can also use some hanging pots and add some chairs and tables to your courtyard garden design. Through this way, you can develop a separate outdoor seating place.
  8. Do add furniture. Make sure you leave enough space for your chairs and tables when you work on your courtyard garden design. The garden is of no use if you can’t just sit back, relax and enjoy its beauty. Make sure that these relaxing locations are in the shade, away from the sun’s path.

If you follow all these, your courtyard garden is bound to look stunning. This will give your neighbors and friends something to talk about. The above points are just guidelines; they are not rules. You can always modify them to suit your backyard conditions and personal taste. In the end, it is your courtyard garden design. So do not forget to personalize it with your own unique quirks and creative ideas.