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Bathroom or Kitchen; Which Should You Renovate First?

The two rooms in the home that see the most use are without a doubt the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the rooms that everyone in the house spends plenty of time in every day and so they are often the rooms which begin to show wear and tear the quickest. They are also the two rooms which can take the longest to renovate, and are often the most expensive to do so too.

Due to the time it takes to redo a kitchen and bathroom, and the inconvenience that can cause, most people choose to renovate one at a time; but which one to do first? Do you choose to update your bathroom and turn it into a functional family space or a relaxing retreat? Or perhaps you could consider bespoke kitchens in Cheshire and transform your kitchen to give you more room for cooking, dining and entertaining in the room traditionally called the heart of the home. One things for sure, you should check out Mano Mano UK because you can get £25 OFF your first purchase with the code HELLOPRO.


Revamping The Bathroom

If your family has increased in size or the kids have left home, then now might be the perfect time to renovate the bathroom with the help of a professional bathroom contractor. Bathrooms can look dated very quickly as trends come and go and as your entire family and any guests will use your bathroom regularly, you want it to be a functional yet stylish space.

Renovating a bathroom can be quite the inconvenience to you and your family, especially if it is a big job, but you can update your bathrooms look with small changes if you and your family don’t want the hassle of a disruptive project. Giving your bathroom extra storage or a more spacious design can make a huge difference if your family has grown and you now need a more family friendly bathroom. As you get older you may also want to change your bathroom to be more accessible and so a bathroom renovation is a necessity. The key is to plan your project to cause the least disruption to you and your family while you have limited access to the room itself.


Kitchen Renovations

There is a reason the kitchen is referred to as “the heart of the home”. It is where most families spend much of their time together and also where you will welcome and entertain guests. As you, your family, and your guests will spend so much time in this room, you will want it to be spacious and stylish and so, as your family grows you and trends change, you may want to revamp your kitchen to make it a more enjoyable space to be in. After all, you want to keep up to date with current trends. If your kitchen looks very dissimilar to these modern kitchen designs, then it might be time to renovate.

As kitchens also need to be functional spaces, you may find that you simply don’t have enough room to cook or to store your kitchenware and food. A kitchen renovation may be essential after moving into a new property or as your family grows and your needs change. Many people choose to renovate their kitchen as a priority simply because of how important the room is in the home. Not being able to cook meals or enjoy time sitting together as a family can have a big impact on family life. While revamping most rooms in the home can wait until a convenient time, having a functional kitchen cannot wait and why not add some style to it too.

Renovating a kitchen may take a couple of days, or more depending on the extent of the renovation, but the disruption will be worth it when you are left with a bespoke kitchen that suits you and your family’s needs perfectly.

Whichever you choose to revamp, plan carefully and your renovation could be a real asset to your home.