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When Should You Change Your PVC Roll?

PVC strip curtains are durable and hard-wearing, but they do need regular maintenance in order to keep them hygienic, insulating and clean. If you neglect to maintain your strip curtains, then they will eventually need replacing but well-kept PVC curtains can last you for years.


There are a few signs to watch out for which will indicate that your PVC roll curtains need changing and a couple of ways in which this can be done. Individual PVC strips can be changed should they require it, or severely damaged curtains can be replaced entirely but by keeping an eye out for these indicators that your curtains strips may need changing should mean that you don’t need to replace the entire roll.

Changes in colour

Excess dirt and grime can build up on your strip curtains, especially in areas of high traffic such as entranceways. This is a major hygiene issue but if strip curtains are not cleaned regularly then this build up of dirt can damage the strips. The first sign that your PVC strips need cleaning will be a change in colour. If your curtains are usually transparent then you may begin to notice that they are looking cloudy. Strip curtains can be cleaned with soapy water or diluted bleach. Individual curtains can be soaked in a diluted bleach solution for more set-in stains.

If you find that no amount of cleaning or soaking is removing the stains, cloudiness or dirt then you will need to replace your PVC strips. Cloudy PVC represents a health and safety risks if people need to see through the curtains, forklift drivers for example. Dirt left on the PVC can also attract insects and other pests as well as being a breeding ground for bacteria.

Scratches and Rips

If you notice any rips, tears or scratches in your PVC curtains then you will need to replace your PVC roll as soon as possible. Bacteria can grow in the scratches which are usually missed during cleaning or soaking. Mould is also often found growing in scratches on PVC strips and this can attach flying insects and bugs. Ripped or torn strips will also affect how well the strip curtain performs. PVC roll curtains which are being used to keep walk in refrigerators or freezers cool can let warmer air in if they are ripped or torn. Even the smallest tear can greatly affect the efficiency of your strip curtains, so any damaged strip should be replaced quickly.

PVC Curtains


Even if you have looked after your PVC strip curtains, you should consider replacing them every so often anyway. Technology and materials are constantly being updated and so you may find that a more suitable or advanced product has been released since you last bought strip curtains. Replacing older curtains with new materials can make your property more energy efficient and a more hygienic environment. Older strip curtains may have wear and tear damage that is difficult to see as the outside layers may have been eroded from constant use, giving bacteria the opportunity to grow on the PVC roll.

Replacing PVC Roll is Quick And Easy

Once you know the measurements of your PVC strip curtains, replacing them is a relatively quick and easy job. You can order as many separate strips as you need and once they have been delivered, it is a simple case of taking the old, damaged strips down and replacing them with the new ones. As long as they rail they hang from is in good condition, this job can be done by a professional or by yourself and should take a matter of minutes.