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Top 5 Best Electric Showers to Buy

Everyone likes to take a relaxing bath. But that only really happens when the electric shower you chose allows it. This makes the electric shower become a cornerstone of your bathroom. In common electric shower is being used for carrying out the water heating process by means of an electrical resistance.

Models with up to four temperatures are suitable for bathrooms with high water pressure. This means that the point of use is located above the 5 MCA (Water Column Subway, a unit that measures the distance between the water box and the shower point).

Electric Shower
Electric Shower

http://behindtheshower.com/ is a useful resource to get a wide variety of showers and shower doors at your fingertips. (If you are in the UK then try Steamshowerparts.co.uk)An electric shower of metal or plastic – with prices that will leave you satisfied, before buying it, it is important to verify the amperage of the electrical installation of your house, so that the product can be installed correctly.

Analyze the voltage (220 V or 110 V), the power and whether the fixing is direct on the wall or on the pipe. It is also important to verify the energy classification of the product, an index that identifies the efficiency of the product by relating it to the amount of energy expended.

Keep reading and observe the best electric shower suits your needs:

#1. Triton Seville 7.5kW Electric Shower

The one of the best electric shower because of its performance.  The model is not much attractive. The Triton Seville shower is affordable, which contains a dial to switch between cold, high and eco settings while another dial is used to adjust the temperature.

It contains a double temperature protection if in case the water is overheated the model will automatically decrease the hotness of water if it’s getting overheated by means of second sensor present in Triton Seville 7.5kW Electric Shower which will turn off the heat automatically.

The model is all easy to install and provides the steady flow of water with good shower experience. The installation of this shower very easy. Besides this, it provides various configuration possibilities.

Triton Seville Shower
Triton Seville Shower

There are several modes, varying the power of the model, from 3.5 to 10.5 watts. It incorporates a pair of rotary controls with which we can easily choose the parameters of temperature and power that best come to us, being able to do it even while we are showering.

In this model you can easily adjust the temperature and pressure, being able to choose if we want the Eco mode it also includes that. The electric shower head contains 5 different jets modes which cover all the need and requirement of the user. In short, it is a rotatory temperature model with power controls.

#2. Creda 1 0.5kW All Chrome Electric Shower:

The stylish chrome electric shower with riser rail, anti-hose and multi-mode shower head. The model contains a power shut down button ON/OFF button which makes the model unique from other, in addition, the model also contains power selection mode (cold, medium and high) according to the need ness of the user and a temperature control option for heating the water.

Chrome Electric Shower
Chrome Electric Shower

It also contains the type of hot water phase option for selecting the strength of the heat while having a shower.

#3. Mira 1.1643.001 9 kW Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower

The Mira 1.1643.001 9 kW Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower is one of the best electric showers in the market due to its excessive kilowatt score and protection features.

It’s additionally very smooth to operate the thermostat features that allows you to control the temperature by the use of thermostat dial. Thermostatic electric shower is the best choice for family use and for the one who is looking for extra reassurance.

Mira Showers
Mira Showers

The thermostatic control in the model keep ensures that the temperature should be consistent. This shower is Beab care approved for the total peace of mind.

#4. GROHE 26221000 Tempesta 100 Electric Shower 

The Grohe Tempesta 100 electric shower contains lots of features, ranging it from the dream spray shower engine which can optimize the flow of each and every nozzle to the preference of three sprays (Rain, Smart Rain and Jet) which take you all the manner from the soft rain spray through to a focus, powerful jet.

Tempesta Electric Shower
Tempesta Electric Shower

Besides this, the model contains a simple turn off and on rotatory control switch from which you can control the temperature, in addition, the shower makes the water flow consistently. With these water flow consistent and temperature controls, the users are quite attractive to these styles and looks which makes this model more valuable in the market. Moreover, it contains a starlight chrome finish which makes Tempesta 100 electric shower more scratch resistant.

#5. Mira Showers 1.1634.011 9.8 kW Thermostatic Electric Shower

The Mira Showers 1.1634.011 9.8 kW Thermostatic Electric Shower is stylish and quite attractive shower model. A shower with an on/off button controls the consistent water flow and a smooth temperature control to provide a fine tune to your perfect shower.

While 110m showerhead with rub clean nozzles has removal of easy limescale with four spray setting ranging it from punchy spray to a wider mist. The shower also contains patented technologies to prevent the shower from scalding if the shower head and hose becomes blocked.