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6 Ways To Give Your Home A New Look

Maybe you want your home to have a brand-new look and feel but you haven’t got the budget to splash out on a renovation. There are plenty of ways you can go about redoing your home without putting huge amounts of money and effort into it.

This article will divulge all of the top ways you can get that new home feel without having to go through the hassle. One great place to start which often gets overlooked is new flooring. Change the floor and have hardwood installed, you can freshen up the whole place! If you want to check out a range of timber flooring – both prefinished and unfinished, go to https://www.markettimbers.com.au/.

6 Ways To Give Your Home A New Look


Top Ways For Freshen Up Your Home


> Change the light shades – From lamps to your main ceiling lights, adding new chandeliers or jazzy shades can really lift the room. Not only does it add interest visually but it adds more dimension to the room. The lighting can become the focal point as your shades fetch all of the complements from visitors! Feel about mixing up materials too or experimenting with shades.


> Grab some new wallpaper or repaint – Sounds simple enough but many overlook this and the results can be huge! You don’t need a professional to re-paint the walls. Simply invest in a new shade and get the family involved. You can also try updating the paint on the ceiling to keep everything consistent across the house.


> Invest in some new furniture – Furniture can play a huge role in décor. Feel free to upcycle, go on artsy shops like Etsy or down the Ikea route. You can really play around with how far you want to take it. Furniture can add a whole lot of character and really give the room another atmosphere.


> Play with lighting – The kitchen is a great space to experiment with lighting. Unique lighting under cabinets can give a soothing warmth to the room.


> Invest in smart storage – If clutter is getting in the way of your new-home feeling, it’s time to suit up. Getting smart with storage if space is lacking can be crucial. This can involve anything from coffee tables with cabinets underneath to a chair with a hidden storage compartment inside. There is a lot of fun to be had with this and great changes can be seen when you experiment with space. Another way you can add space is through adding mirrors on the doors and walls of rooms. It can make a big impact in making the room look bigger.


> Have a major spring clean – Maybe your house needs something more fundamental. A clean-out can be super effective for decluttering and tidying up your home space.


Now you know some great ways to begin freshening up your home, why not give them a go?