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The Dos and Don’ts of Funeral Etiquette

A funeral is an event that is emotionally charged. It can be incredibly distressing and difficult to deal with. If you have never been to a funeral before, you may be worried about how to act, what to wear, and what to say. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some do’s and don’ts in terms of funeral etiquette.

The Dos and Don'ts of Funeral Etiquette

What you should not do:

  • Don’t make it about you – This is not the time to show off your new girlfriend or your new baby. Yes, you may not have seen your family for a long time. But this is about the person who has passed away. Unless you were extremely close to the family, you should not get involved in the funeral planning either. You can find out more about this at heartofenglandfuneralcare.co.uk. If you want to find out where to send flowers, it’s fine to ask questions like this. But don’t pry simply for the sake of it.
  • Don’t share pictures or text online – The worst thing you can do at a funeral is ‘check in’ on social media. This is not an event that you should share online. It is disrespectful to post images, no matter how much you like your outfit.
  • Don’t be late – Make an effort to get to the funeral early. There is no excuse for turning up to the funeral late.

What you should do:

  • Share positive memories – A funeral is about getting together and reminiscing about the amazing moments you shared with the person that has passed away. Of course, there will be grief and sadness, but don’t hesitate to share the special moments you enjoyed with the person when talking with their family.
  • Turn your phone off – Yes, you may be a workaholic and have corporate emails coming out of your ears. However, no one will expect you to be available during a funeral, so turn your phone off.
  • Keep your actions and words simple – Last but not least, it can be very difficult to know what to say and do while you are at a funeral. The key is to keep things simple. Don’t overdo it or overthink it. You can discover more about what to say to the family at a funeral at thespruce.com. Try to avoid saying something at the funeral simply for the sake of saying something!

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what you should and should not do when attending any type of funeral. After all, the last thing you want to do is offend a guest without meaning to. However, if you follow the tips that have been provided, you can be sure that you are acting appropriately.