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Which Garden Furniture Suits Your Size of Garden?

Just like choosing furniture for the interior for your home, dimensions and space are important considerations when it comes choosing garden furniture. What are the options and which ones suit the larger, smaller and mid-sized garden?

It needs to be large enough to be useful, and you need enough seating options for the whole family. But squeezing a larger dining set into a smaller garden can seem like an impossible task. Take a look at the many options when it comes to garden furniture

Which Garden Furniture Suits Your Size of Garden


It may be compact in size but there is nothing to stop you from decking out your small garden with plenty of garden seating for the whole family.

  • Cubed dining sets

Eating al fresco is something many of us enjoy and why not? In a smaller garden, plant aromatic plants close to the dining area for a sweet and pleasant aroma wafting through the air.

Larger dining sets can be imposing so opt for the smallest seating option you get by with. A four-seater garden rattan furniture cube is the ideal solution. Complete with an easy-to-clean glass table top, the chairs simply push in under the corners, leaving you with a neat square that is unimposing in a smaller space.

There are also plush rattan cube dining sets that also have a footstool per seat which turns them into a relaxing seat, especially with an adjustable pack.

The key to choosing garden furniture for a smaller garden is versatility and so splashing the cash on a rattan cube dining set that allows both dining and relaxed sitting out in the garden is a great option.

  • Two-seater rattan sofa

If you don’t dine out or want a second option when it comes to garden furniture, then a comfy rattan two-seater sofa is ideal.

Lightweight yet sturdy, it can be easily repositioned as and when required. Dress it up with scatter cushions and wool throws for when there is a chill in the air.

Tips for small gardens

  • Versatility is key so try to choose something that offers more than one way of using it
  • Rattan is a fantastic material because it is not overpowering in colour not form, something you want to avoid in a smaller garden
  • Other options to consider include a bistro set, perfect for locating near the back door.


Blessed with a little more space, you can afford to either choose one large item or opt for a combination of smaller garden furniture sets.

  • A four or six-seater dining set works great on the patio if this is the area that you would choose to dine.
  • Consider a garden bench in another area of the garden for a permanent perch to admire the blooms and enjoy the sun
  • A two-seater or three-seater rattan sofa would work well too. Consider opting for the small sofa and using it along one or two rattan armchairs. Many retailers sell them in sets and so will come with a low coffee table – perfect for when you want informal seating in the garden.

Tips for mid-sized gardens

  • This is the hardest garden to accessories with furniture simple because too much will make it seem smaller and cluttered, and not enough means you don’t get to enjoy your garden.
  • Choose one main piece of garden furniture and make that the obvious focal point – such as a large dining set
  • Choose supporting furniture, such as a small sofa or garden bench but have a specific place where this item will be used. This gives a sense of order and cohesion.

Handy tip – why not take a look at what a garden bar could offer you in terms of informal and fun seating?


With acres of space, you can let your imagination run free, providing your budget can stretch to all the must-have garden furniture items! But have some order to your choices, bearing in mind what you need to consider when choosing garden furniture.

A popular item for the larger garden is an L-shaped rattan sofa, compete with under the seat storage in some cases and a coffee table too. Like the cubed dining sets for the garden, the table and sofa push together when not in use, saving on space but looks neater too.

A large garden dining table would also work but the issue many gardeners face with a large expanse of outdoor space is to ensure a sense of cohesion between items – choose a material in the same colour for all seating options, from the dining table to the sofa. This way, it wouldn’t look like you have a random collection of furniture in your garden!

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