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Which Is The Best Hunting Knife For You?

There are a wide variety of different styles and types of hunting knives and choosing the right one can be pretty overwhelming. There are, however, a few questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down which knife is for you.

Which Is The Best Hunting Knife For You

  • What game will you hunt? – You need a different knife if you’re hunting rabbits or big game. Bigger isn’t always better. If your knife is too big, there’s a bigger chance of cutting yourself or not being able to gut the game.
  • How much will you hunt? – Are you planning on hunting regularly or as an occasional hobby? If it’s a weekend thing, a smaller and more versatile knife is the way to go. But, if you’re a serious hunter, you’ll need a full fixed blade knife.
  • What is the smallest and biggest game you plan on using the knife on?
  • Will you kill the game or only trim it?
  • Do you hunt for meat or do you prefer to trophy hunt?

Once you can answer the above questions, you can start looking at the range of hunting knives sold at Hunting Heaven.

Folding Blade vs Fixed Blade

If you’re a serious hunter, a fixed blade hunting knife is the way to go. The fixed blade doesn’t fold into the handle and is generally stronger and more reliable.

If you plan on doing a great deal of skinning and gutting, you’re going to want a fixed blade knife. But, if you’re an occasional hunter and want to use the knife for more than just hunting, a folding blade is right for you. Some hunters prefer a folding blade as it comes with several blades.

The Design of the Knife Blade

There are three common types of blade designs to know about. In brief, they are:

  • Clip point – This is an excellent style of knife for occasional hunters. The blade has a defined point and will perform all the necessary tasks.
  • Drop point – Big game hunters prefer this knife as the drop point has a thick steel.
  • Skinning – This kind of knife is designed for skinning and can perform the jobs of the other two blade designs as well.

Serrated Blade

If you want your knife to have a serrated edge, it will make some of the harder parts of hunting a little easier, like splitting open the pelvis or rib cage.

The Knife’s Handle

While more traditional handles like metal, wood and bone look nice, the newer materials are also nice. Take the knife handle into consideration as you don’t want your hand to slip.

The Knife’s Steel

Think about the kinds of conditions you might be hunting in. This affects the kind of steel you choose for your blade. You want a knife that can hold an edge and is resistant to corrosion.


Buying the right hunting knife has a lot more to do with personal preference than anything else. Take the time to answer the questions posed at the beginning and you will find it much easier to choose a good hunting knife for your needs.

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