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Home Improvements to Accommodate Pets

When we talk about home improvements, we generally focus on instalments that benefit us and our families. But many of us enjoy taking other species into our family unit.

In fact, the majority of households have at least one pet. So why not incorporate their needs into our home improvement plans too? While creatures such as cats and dogs easily fit into our houses as they are, other species have special requirements. Let’s take a look at a couple!

Horse Stables

There’s one word that generally springs to mind when people speak about horses: majestic. They are beautiful, strong beings and the most surprising thing about them is that they can live in absolute harmony with humans. While they truly are brilliant creatures, only 1.5% of households own one. Now, there are various reasons for this. The main reason may be cost. After all, they’re not exactly the cheapest animal to acquire from a foal and to cater to. But there are plenty of rescues out there who are looking for loving homes, so if the initial expense is your worry, there are cheaper ways to go about getting yourself an equestrian addition to the family.

Home Improvements to Accommodate Pets

If you do intend to get a horse, however, one thing that they are definitely going to need is some form of a stable. These aren’t animals that can live under your own roof. First of all, they are much too large to navigate their way around your property. Secondly, they cannot be housetrained. So, take a look at different steel field shelters. Only ever invest in a high-quality shelter. This will ensure that it is strong and sturdy and will be able to protect your horse from the elements. Also consider extra features such as rubber matting, which is beneficial for your horse’s feet and overall comfort.

Scotts stables and outbuildings provide a bespoke equestrian building service, liaising closely with you to build shelters so that it naturally fits into the surrounding landscape. If you don’t need a full stable building, but just want stable doors, windows or even accessories then they also provide these too.

Pigeon Lofts

Birds as pets is a point of contention for many of us. While they are brilliant companions and can provide endless amounts of entertainment, there always tends to be that awareness in the back of our mind that they should be free to fly rather than being caged up in our homes. Now, the majority of birds that people keep as pets wouldn’t survive in the wild if we were to free them in our local areas. After all, most are species from overseas, so our climate would see them suffer and perish. But there’s good news.

Home Improvements to Accommodate Pets

You can, in fact, keep certain breeds of bird without having to impinge upon their freedom. Pigeons are a perfect example. While these animals have a bad rep due to lies spread by pest control companies, they are actually clean and intelligent birds. What’s more? They have natural homing instincts. If you invest in a loft, your birds will fly free during the day and return for shelter and food each evening.

Consider taking in rescues – these tend to be young birds that have fallen from their nests and need caring for until they fly. They will reward your care by remaining loyal to your for life, returning every day! Now, a good pigeon loft isn’t all too expensive. However, it does need to be weather resistant and extremely secure to ensure that cats, foxes, and other wildlife can’t get in. Consider options with perches, so that the birds have somewhere to sit.

While these pets may not be the most common to take under your wing, they are brilliant companions and you can improve your home to meet all of their needs!

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