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How To Know Which Beginner Quad Bike To Choose

Quad biking is a thrilling ride and can become highly addictive. If you are just getting into your new hobby then you have probably discovered just how thrilling riding one can be.

When you are planning to buy your own brand-new bike, you will want to start looking around for high quality models. You can check a range of models available in quad bike shops so you can find the best one suitable for your needs and budget.

As a first time quad bike buyer, you firstly want to consider what the bike you are buying will be used for. There are those made for usefulness and those designed for sporting and going off-road, such as a sand buggy. This article will discuss some potential aspects that will help inform your buying decision and process.

How To Know Which Beginner Quad Bike To Choose

How to Choose Your First Quad Bike

Weighing up essential factors will be important when deciding which quad bike to go for. Firstly, you need to analyse whether you want the utility or sport quad.

Getting clear on what you want…

The utility quad is used to help in the work environment so it could for example, be used at an airport to transport staff from A to B quicker. The other is used more for sporting and adventure rides off-trail and in great locations.

Start searching for the types of quad bikes on the market and what their uses are for. This will help you get a better idea of what’s available so you can buy exactly what you need.

What To Look For In Your First Quad Bike

Quads are fantastic for those who love racing and the thrill of the outdoors. It normally attracts the adventurous type who enjoy rough and ready rides in the most epic places. They are a great alternative to a dirt bike as they are four-wheel so can be seen as a miniature car and are easier to control.

As a beginner however, you will have to still get used to the feel and control of riding a quad bike. Here are some further ideas of how to look for a great beginner quad bike:

  • Understand your experience level and ultimately know that your age will decide which quad bike is right for you. There are some quad bikes purely made for kids and others for adult. The kid’s quads will have a smaller and less powerful engine for example.
  • Have an experienced customer service advisor in a store advice you about the best one for your needs. The manufacturer will also have typical recommendations posted by their product to guide you when making a decision.
  • When looking at specs, weigh up if it’s suitable for what you need. Can it be used for trails, farming/work or motor racing?
  • Consider the amount of power you want. You want a big enough engine to have fun when starting off but not enough that you get carried away and it could be dangerous.

These are all great things to weigh up when purchasing your first quad bike.