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How to Make Moving House with Kids a bit Easier

Moving can be hard for both parents and children. While you have to handle all of the difficulties of transporting all of your possessions to your new home, moving is tough on the kids as well because it can disrupt their friendships. Here’s how you can help your kid cope with this big change.

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Make packing fun

Let them label boxes and pack the right items in the right box, or maybe if you are bold, let them mix some items in the wrong boxes so only they can find them. That way they will feel like they are in control of something, even if it’s just a pack of napkin rings, and they will gain a sense of accomplishment. Also, you can make cleaning fun and declutter the home while packing for the new home.

Spot the object

If there’s a long car ride ahead of you, take some time to do a little research. Find if there are any interesting monuments, parks or factories along the road that are easy to spot from the car. Show them Google pictures of those things and places, and then play a little game. Whoever spots the said object first, gets a point in form of a piece of candy or just bragging rights. It will help the trip go faster and a lot easier.

How to Make Moving with Kids a bit Easier

Unpack as soon as you can

Although unpacking is very close to packing you just did, and it has been hard on you, try to unpack your boxes in the first day or two after moving. Everyone will feel a whole lot better in a settled home so you can go on with your lives. To make it more fun for the little ones, ask them for an opinion when it comes to decorating their room and the rest of the house. By doing so, they will feel that they are included and that their opinion matters.

Ask for help

It is only expected that you will need an extra hand to help with the move. Don’t hesitate to reach for a friend or a family member who is willing to distract the kids while you do the bulk of the work. A lot of Aussies opt for house removals to get the needed help. It is much easier to let someone with experience guide you through this painful process.

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Capture the memories

Kids tend to get attached to people even if they don’t have some special relationship with them. They can express their sorrow in ways you won’t even realise. Throw a goodbye party with the neighbours, their school/preschool friends and their mums, say goodbye to the local bakery salesman. Take lots of pictures and plan where they will be exposed to your new home. Let them be surrounded by familiar faces while adjusting to the new place. Over time, they will stop missing most of them and occasional Skype call or postcard will be just about enough.

The sense of belonging

You need to make this new place a home as soon as possible. Having a plant to take care after will help your kids develop a sense of responsibility and can help distract them from current bad feelings provoked by the move. If you have the right conditions, this is the best time to get a pet. Create a story about the pet, that he/she was all alone, waiting for you in your new home, and he/she is very happy now that you are here and can play with it.

When you set aside all of the inconveniences, moving can be an amazing adventure. Yes, it will make you wanna scream from the top of the roof, but that’s normal. Just have the end in mind. Once you settle into your new home, you’ll realise that it was all worth it.

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