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Luxury Home Design and Decor in 2018

The year 2018 seems to be all about luxury and elegant home décor which has gained in popularity quite a lot recently and has become a true craze among world-famous home designers. So, if you are ready to remodel your home and want to follow these latest trends, this article is exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve prepared a list of some interesting ideas on how to turn your home into a truly unique and luxurious place. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Luxury Home Design and Decor in 2018 - 1

Say goodbye to Minimalism

Minimalist designs have been on the covers of all the well-known home improvement magazines for quite some time now, but it seems that their popularity is starting to fade away slowly. On the other hand, Maximalism is currently in the spotlight and more and more designers are experimenting with it.

For example, contrary to minimalist simplicity, Maximalism embraces grand furniture pieces and powerful patterns which can turn even the most average-looking place into absolutely glamorous and sophisticated one. Of course, you should be careful not to overdo it since the line between tasteful and kitsch is very thin.

Luxury Home Design and Decor in 2018

Animal-themed furniture

You may be surprised to hear this, but animal-themed furniture has become a true craze this year. Its eccentric look will definitely add that final touch to your luxurious home and really tie the whole place together. For instance, we particularly like the idea of incorporating a chic owl lamp into your bedroom design or opting for beautiful artistic elephant pillows which will perfectly match your sophisticated leather sofa. Furthermore, you should feel free to experiment a bit since the possibilities are countless and your task is just to discover what suits your taste and go for it.

Be unique

The most prominent feature of the luxury home design and décor is uniqueness. In other words, aside from following the latest trends and trying to incorporate some of the elements that you’ve seen on the covers of popular magazines, it is essential to come up with something new and absolutely authentic as well.

Therefore, more and more people are hiring professionals who will always make sure to meet their clients’ needs and create a unique living space for them. Owing to the help of these professionals, you’ll finally get a chance to live in your dream home, and that’s what we call luxury.

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Say hello to wicker

The year 2018 will definitely bring many changes regarding the choice of materials in home design. For example, wicker is definitely becoming a true favourite among designers from all around the world. And even though it wasn’t considered to be anything special just a couple of years ago, today, wicker has become a symbol of elegance and good taste. You simply can’t come across a luxury home that doesn’t have at least one wicker piece, be it a coffee table or a lampshade. Finally, its natural feel creates that inviting atmosphere which your whole family will absolutely enjoy.

Saturated colours

Another characteristic of the 2018 home design is the use of saturated colours. You’ll no longer come across houses decorated exclusively in pastel tones and neutral nuances. Instead, designers are embracing some bolder hues and are looking for the best ways to incorporate as many of them as possible. So, if you like the idea of adding that splash of colour to your place, take a look at the latest Pantone colour report and choose your favourites. We are particularly enchanted by Ultra Violet, the Pantone’s colour of the year 2018, due to its mysterious look and exciting intensity.

A swimming pool is a must

Finally, aside from investing in your home’s interior, you should pay attention to its exterior as well. For example, a resort-style pool is definitely the way to go if you want to impress your neighbours and friends, as well as to get a chance to enjoy relaxed afternoons with your family. Additionally, make sure to opt for various pool accessories like the amazing colourful lights which will create a beautiful atmosphere perfect for romantic evenings with your loved one. Finally, there is nothing prettier than growing a small garden next to your pool so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and be able to alleviate all the accumulated stress. After all, it’s well-known that nature is the best remedy.

You may notice that the year 2018 is bringing some important changes and is also putting a lot of emphasis on luxury living. So, if you want to follow these latest trends, make sure to show off your creativity and find a unique way to express your taste. Good luck with the remodelling and don’t forget to enjoy your new home.