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The Benefits of Storytelling

What child doesn’t love a good story book? All of our children enjoy a story at anytime of the day but especially before bed!

When someone at The Story Tailors got in touch asking if our children would enjoy a story book that tells the magic of their name, I jumped at the opportunity! We’ve had personalised books in the past and Maisie (our eldest) absolutely loves them.

The Benefits of Storytelling (2)

Not only do children love a story book, there are many benefits that storytelling brings with it.

Imagination & Curiosity

Reading to children can encourage them to become more curious and imaginative. A good way to encourage this further is to ask your children questions about the story line and the characters. If a character has behaved in a certain way, ask your child why they think that may be.

Storytelling allows children to picture the setting in which the story is being told. Rather than being given all the imagery (like films do) they have to imagine what the world is like.


Reading to a child will naturally broaden their vocabulary. Not only this, it gives children the chance to ask about any words they may not understand.

It’s often the case that our eldest Maisie asks about a specific word to understand the meaning behind the word. This kind of questioning should be encouraged because it’s a great way for them to learn!

Also, children’s listening skills will improve when having regular stories read to them.

The Benefits of Storytelling

Some Tips for the Storyteller

To finish, I’d like to provide a list of tips for the storyteller. These tips should help you ensure that story time is enjoyable and that your children can get the most out of it.

  • Change up the pitch and tone of your voice
  • Use different voices for the characters
  • Engage with your child during the story including eye contact
  • Let your body do the speaking just as much as your mouth by using gestures
  • Use pauses and silence to add dramatic effects
  • Ensure your face responds to the story

I hope these tips provide you with some further guidance and support whilst telling your children a story!