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Beer From Around The World: Interactive Beer Map

Are you going on holiday anytime soon? Well this interactive beer map is just the thing you need!

If you enjoy sipping a cold pint of beer whilst on holiday (as most people do, including me!) then you’ve got to check out this interactive beer map created by https://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk. It’s a great way to explore the world of beers and what to expect from each.
Select a marker and then choose a country to find out what that countries local beer is and some other interesting information.

World Beer Map

To decide whether a specific beer is to your liking, the interactive map provides some information on how strong each beer is and what flavours you can expect, along with a brief description.

Here’s a few examples of beers included:

  • Norway – Hansa Pilsner
    • This refreshing Pilsner’s lively carbonation, medium bitterness and moderate sweetness make it a go-to Norwegian beer!
  • Germany – Spaten Oktoberfest
    • Brewed in Munich at the epicentre of Germany’s biggest beer festival, this marzen-style beer is bready and malty with a hint of sweetcorn and honey, and easy to drink from a boot or stein – whatever you’d prefer.
  • Tunisia – Celtia
    • This mildly bitter brew has a medium carbonation and an aroma of malt, starch and some grassy notes.
  • Egypt – Sakara Gold
    • This is a smooth, full bodied and refreshing beer with a golden yellow colour.
  • Sydney – Tooheys Old
    • This beer is lightly hopped, while black malt gives it a distinctive darker colour. The fruity ale-like esters blend well with the subtle hoppiness, leaving you with hints of coffee and chocolate.

There are many other local beers of the world to explore via the interactive map.

Think you know your beers? Why don’t you test your knowledge and get prepared for your next holiday!