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Ways You Need To Protect Your Newborn That You Probably Haven’t Considered

It’s no secret that every parent wants to keep their newborn healthy and safe. You’ve just received this lovely little bundle of joy, and as a parent you will do everything you can to protect them.

Whilst this may seem like a daunting challenge, especially if you’re a first time parent, there are ways you can protect your newborn from illnesses and keep them healthy as possible. Here we are going to look at some of the best ways you can protect your newborn, and some of them may be things you hadn’t considered doing.

Ways You Need To Protect Your Newborn That You Probably Haven’t Considered

Wash Your Hands

Frequent hand washing is something that is often overlooked by parents because, let’s face, it, your hands are pretty full with a newborn. But it’s a really simple and effective way to eliminate germs before they can get anywhere near your child.

Not only should you be washing your own hands, you should be washing your baby’s hands too. And when you get all of those visitors prepared to coo over your newborn, make sure you whip out the hand sanitiser. If they don’t wash or sanitise their hands, they don’t get a cuddle. It never hurts to wash your hands and in the long-term it’s going to protect your baby.

Keep Vaccinations Up To Date

All children should be vaccinated. It’s really important for you and your baby to be fully vaccinated against all of the common diseases you can be exposed to. So make sure those shots are up to date.

Make sure you’ve also had a whooping cough booster as well (which you should have received during your pregnancy). Make it explicitly clear that anyone who is visiting or is helping your with childcare must be completely and properly immunised before they come anywhere near your baby. This might seem like a really drastic step and a bit harsh, but it’s so important to protect your child.

Cover Your Baby Up In Public Places

There are thousands of airborne germs and illnesses in the air. So to combat this, keep your baby covered in public places to protect them. Baby wearing is a great way you can keep your newborn appropriately covered and have them be totally relaxed. You can also find nursing and car seat covers that are great for when you’re carrying baby round or using the seat as part of a stroller.

These covers also come in handy when you breastfeed in public, as you can use them to cover yourself and protect your baby from germs and bacteria.


When you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, all of your antibodies are passed through the placenta and over to your unborn child. This gives them passive immunity to all the things you are immune to. But once your baby is born, this immunity will start to dwindle.

This is why breastfeeding is the best thing for newborns. Breast milk contains antibodies that will strengthen your child’s immunity in their first few months in the world. This immunity doesn’t last longer than a few months, but by the time this has ended they should have had their first set of vaccinations. So if you are willing to and are able to do it, breastfeeding is a great way to keep your newborn healthy and protected.

As you can see there are so many benefits to breastfeeding so it’s always worth trying!

Use A Humidifier

Using a humidifier around your newborn protects them against dry air. Dry and hot air can often be irritating to your newborn’s throat and sinuses. A humidifier also stops their skin from getting dry too. Plus it has the added benefit of being white noise which often helps babies sleep. It can be beneficial to buy distilled water to use in your humidifier, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will not release mold or mineral dust into the air so will keep you and your newborn healthier. Secondly, it will help to prevent mineral deposits from building up, which means less upkeep and potentially a longer life span for the machine.

Limit Their Exposure To Germs

The best way you can protect your newborns health is to limit their contact with germs. This may be keeping them inside when there’s been a cold and flu outbreak, or just keeping them away from things that could make them sick. London is full of dirt and contamination like pests. Even having something as simple as a mouse control problem in your home can expose your newborn to dangerous diseases,

Never be scared to listen to your inner parental instinct and say no to the people or places if you feel that the environment would be less than desirable and potentially harmful to your newborn.