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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is just around the corner (this Sunday!!) and I’m sure there’s many people still wondering what to get for their dad. It can be a daunting task, buying for your dad, but it doesn’t have to be!

There are so many great things you could buy your dad to show him just how much you love him. Whether you’re looking for Fathers Day Whisky or skincare products, I’ve pulled together a list of gift ideas to spark some inspiration!


No matter how old your dad is, taking care of their skin will more than likely be important to them so a skincare gift will go down a treat.

I recently came across a beauty brand called Foreo. They were founded in 2013 and provide facial cleansing brushes, sonic electric toothbrushes, cleansers, and eye massager’s.

They were kind enough to send me the LUNA Go for Men, a sonic cleansing system and their specially designed cleanser. Even though this device is small, it delivers three huge functions – cleansing, shave prep and anti-aging.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

T-sonic pulsations unclog 99.5% of the dirt and oil and also removes dead skin cells. The anti-aging mode uses low-frequency pulsations to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s a great gift to buy for your dad because you know he’ll be using it every day (very practical) and will have you to thank when his skin is looking better than ever! Not only this, because of its compact design your dad will be able to take it everywhere he goes without taking up too much space!

Another brand that recently got in touch was Branche d’Olive. They sell a range of lifestyle accessories, home fragrances, bath and body products.

In the run-up to Fathers Day, they have launched a new men’s range called Pour L’Homme which contains luxurious shaving cream, body wash and soaps, all in their signature Garrigue fragrance. This fragrance has a citrus and bergamot scent with hints of aromatic lavender, sandalwood and thyme that I’m sure any father will enjoy (when they finally manage to get some time to themselves!)

They were kind enough to send me some shaving cream from the new range and body wash from their Olive range, just in time for our weekend away, child free!! I managed to try them out and the fragrance is delightful! They would definitely make a superb gift for your dad!

Homemade Gifts

If you have a limited budget then you may be struggling to think of gift ideas. Why don’t you make your dad a gift, not only will he love the thought and effort that’s gone into the gift, it will be kind to your budget.

Here’s a few ideas to get your started and spark some inspiration:

  • Homemade photo frame or album
  • A painting of something they are interested in such as a nice car
  • Make a storybook of a memorable time in their life
  • DIY sweetie or chocolate jar (make sure their favourites are in there!)

There are plenty more ideas to be found on the internet so spend some time doing research before picking an idea to go with.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Essential Items: Clothes

Yes, it may not be very exciting but getting clothes for your dad is a very practical gift for Fathers Day. You know that he will get use out of your gift and that it won’t get forgotten about on a shelf somewhere.

I came across a great clothing brand recently, called Standout. Their aim is to provide designer clothing brands all in one place at great prices without comprising on quality – sounds great right!

If you’re thinking there must be a catch, there really isn’t. They were kind enough to send me a collection of items that fathers are guaranteed to love.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Standout

Amongst this collection are the following items:

  • Ralph Lauren Socks (3 pairs) – £14.95
  • Calvin Klein Boxers (pack of 3) – £29.95
  • Superdry Polo Shirt – £29.95
  • Farah Vintage T-shirts (pack of 2) – £16.95
  • Emporio Armani Toiletry Bag

As you can see, big brands for really good prices (prices correct on the date this post was published). I can honestly say, the quality is great.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but want to get your dad the best, then I highly recommend visiting Standout’s website!


Another great gift for any dad is a timepiece of some sort, whether that’s a strap watch or a pocket watch. You can even go the extra mile with some watches and get them personalised.

There are some great gifts to be found on the internet and one website in particular that I’d recommend visiting – https://www.giftsonline4u.com.

They’ve got a huge range of great gifts for all members of the family. You can shop their range by taking various different routes including occasions (christening gifts), by person (gifts for brothers) and by type of gift (engraved gifts). This makes the whole experience of finding the right gift so much easier!

But we’re talking about Fathers Day at the moment and they have a whole section dedicated to personalised Fathers Day gifts.

They have a great range of engraved watches and one product in particular that stands out is their personalised handmade multi functional pocket watch.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

This pocket watch is a great way to show your dad just how much you love him! It has multiple functions because it can be used as a pocket watch, desk top and also has a magnifier.

You can add a message to the front and back, giving you plenty of space to express your thoughts. Not only this, the watch will come with a chain and pocket hook along with being presented in a lovely gift box allowing for easy wrapping!

I really do urge you to check out their website because I’m sure you will find something special for your dad this Fathers Day!

I hope this post has given you plenty of Fathers Day gift ideas and that you’re no longer wondering what to get for your dad!