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Fathers Day: It’s The Simple Pleasures That Matter

For as long as I can remember, Fathers Day has never been as big as Mothers Day and it’s a real shame! Now that I’m a dad myself to 3 beautiful children, I really look forward to Fathers Day every year because my kids always make a card with their own hands.

Homemade cards are one of the best things to receive as a dad because you know just how much love and thought has gone into them! For me homemade cards will always be much better than anything from the local card shop.

In the run up to Fathers Day I hear many people saying things like, ‘My dad is impossible to buy for!’ or ‘I haven’t got a clue what to get my dad!’.

I’ll tell you a little secret – it doesn’t have to be that difficult! As a dad, I can vouch for homemade cards and DIY gifts because you can’t go wrong. No matter how good or not so good you are making things, your dad is sure to love whatever you’ve created for him because it’s the thought that counts!

In fact, for the last few years I’ve also made a card for my dad. My children helped as well because they love crafty activities and for my dad, he loves knowing that his son and grandchildren have put so much effort and love into a card.

Fathers Day: It's The Simple Pleasures That Matter

According to a recent survey carried out by Royal Mail, most dads much prefer the simple pleasures such as a meal out with the family, hugs from their children and receiving a handmade card.

But out of 2,000 dads surveyed, most have previously received generic gifts such as socks (29%), beer (32%) and aftershave (24%).

When asked about the things that would make them the happiest, 34% of dads said spending quality time with their children while and four in ten said receiving a handmade Fathers Day present or card.

Fathers Day DIY Gift Ideas

For those of you struggling to think of something to give your dad, here’s a few ideas of what you could make!

  1. Homemade photo frame or album
  2. Breakfast in bed or a cooked dinner
  3. Homemade video – for example, this could be a song dedicated to your dad
  4. A puppet that looks like your dad (you could also put on a puppet show as an extra bonus!)
  5. A painting of something they are interested in such as a nice car
  6. Make a storybook of a memorable time in their life
  7. Decorate a plain mug
  8. Make a Fathers Day crown
  9. DIY sweetie jar (make sure their favourite sweets are in there!)
  10. Homemade trophy and worlds greatest dad medal

There are many more ideas out there but this should give you a good starting point and all of these are fairly easy to do!

At the Very Least …. Make your Dad a Card!

If you’ve got a very limited budget or you’ve left it till the last minute, the very least you can do is make your dad a card. Not only will he really appreciate it, you’ll feel much better for giving him something rather than nothing.

Don’t forget the last day for sending a fathers day card in the post is Friday 15th June so make sure you’re not too late.

This is the card that me and my kids have made for my dad this year, maybe it will give you some inspiration!!

Fathers Day: It's The Simple Pleasures That Matter

Here’s to all the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day!