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How to Survive a Home Renovation

If, like many people, you have a home that really does need some serious work, then you need to look at the best way to get it done. You could do it bit by bit, as and when you choose, but we believe the most effective method of renovating a house is to make a plan in advance. Sort out a calendar so you have a date to begin each and every room or area, and stick to it. This will also help the family, as they will need to work around the renovations!

Let’s say, for example, that your home is in need of a complete renovation; you need to think carefully about the areas that are used regularly, by everyone in the house. These are primarily the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the living rooms. The latter is not really a problem – while renovating a living room there will always be another room that can be used in the interim – but the kitchen and bathroom could be the main concerns. Let’s have a look at ways to get around this.

How to Survive a Home Renovation

The Essentials

If you are renovating your home, you are probably looking at the two main essential areas as mentioned above first. The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that need fitted furniture, so they need the most planning and consideration. If you are fitting a new kitchen yourself, you have likely sourced the cupboards, worktops, sink unit and appliances already; if you are having it done professionally, then you have chosen the method that will leave you without a working kitchen for the shortest possible time.

It’s worth remembering that some of the appliances in the kitchen can work anywhere: your kettle and microwave can still be used, for example, while the rest of the kitchen is out of action, and you could even move the fridge into another room if absolutely essential. If your freezer is in the kitchen you have two options: move it somewhere else for the duration, or use your planning ahead method to make sure everything in the freezer is used up beforehand.
Bathrooms are the other major problem, but less so if you have more than one. By renovating one bathroom at a time, you have a fully working one left to use. Also, fitting a new bathroom is a very quick job for a professional, and if you are handy at DIY, it will also take you a surprisingly short time, as long as you use the plumbing that is already in place.

Don’t Forget Outside

Renovating the home will always cause a level of upheaval – rooms out of use will be annoying to the kids as well as mum and dad – so it makes sense to use this time as an opportunity to get any work done that you may have been putting off for that very reason. What about those areas outdoors that you have been meaning to attend to? Let’s face it, while stuff is going on inside the house, now is the ideal time to build that deck you’ve always wanted!

Decking is a great way of getting an all-weather area that you can use day and night, and with the addition of efficient and affordable patio heaters, it’s somewhere you can use whenever you wish. You can build a simple deck easily if you have DIY experience and the right tools, but we recommend you check out the professionals, as they will be able to work around your home renovations and build you the perfect deck for your yard at a surprisingly affordable price. Take the opportunity, plan ahead, and have a beautiful home and garden when all the dust has cleared!