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Kestia: There is More to Dads Than The Daily Commute

With the celebrations of Father’s Day just behind us, we spare a moment to consider the role of Dad. Dads of today are family-wise and child-savvy, they know that their presence and involvement in the family plays a key part in their child’s happiness and development.

Kestia, a psychology-based company, founded by long-term friends Gaynor Sbuttoni, experienced psychologist and businesswoman Donna Gosling understands this too.
The newly launched Kestia range is designed to enhance warm and meaningful connections as well as to capture special moments in life. We know from theories developed by John Bowlby, the “godfather of attachment theory” and subsequent years of research and observation, children thrive when they know they are being “kept in mind” and remembered at all times, especially at times of separation. This knowledge aids their ability to make healthy attachments and build lasting relationships. Kestia’s jewellery provides something tangible that encourages the expression of these ideas.

Kestia There is More to Dads Than The Daily Commute

As the old saying goes, “elephants never forget” and their family communities are priority. The Kestia Elephant Logo has been used to represent this message.

Young children can find that moment when Dad leaves for work or has to stay away on a business trip to be a difficult moment of separation.  Footballer fathers travelling for work can even find this separation painful. Fabian Delph has told his fans that not only is he suffering from the separation from his daughters, who apparently hate football, he has the added separation from his wife, who is due to have their new baby, while he is away.  Kestia, not wishing to forget this, have created pieces that Dads can use to show that they are thinking of their children while they are separated, helping them to learn to deal with the normal separations of life.

Kestia’s top tips when needing to travel away from home

  1. Prepare your child in advance. When your next business trip hits the diary, talk to your child about the trip and what will happen. Take the opportunity to talk about the feelings involved and about how you will both manage those “I miss you” feelings.
  2. Say goodbye properly. Clear beginnings and endings are vital for a child to feel secure. Make sure you say goodbye and if you have to leave early in the morning before the children get up, say goodbye before they go to bed.  For very young children, leaving a note or a picture can also help.
  3. Show them exactly when you will be returning. If they are old enough, use a calendar to show your child a visual representation of when you will be back, so that they know where they are. If they are too young for this, use a tangible method of counting the days off. e.g., take an object out of a jar until there are none left and Dad is coming home or simply cross off a smiley face or a moon to represent sleeps, on a chart each day in their bedroom to represent another day closer to Dad coming home.
  4. Show them where you will be. Depending on the age of your child, show them, for example, on a map, where you are going and explain how you are going to get there. With all the smart phones and technology we have today, it is so easy to do this. Showing pictures about where you will be will help small children. As adults, we forget that sometimes when a parent leaves on an aeroplane it feels to a child that they have disappeared into the clouds and they don’t know where we are. This may make you child children feel confused and insecure.
  5. Show them they are always in your mind. Communicate regularly while you are away to show them that you are thinking about them. Kestia Separation Jewellery can be very useful here. Use the jewellery to symbolize the fact that you are keeping them with you in your heart and in your mind and that you will not forget them and that they can do the same.


The Kestia Range is a collection of stylish and contemporary pieces including dog tags, bracelets, necklaces, key rings and Remembrance mementos and can be seen at Kestia.com. I was lucky enough to be sent one of their bracelets which I absolutely love! Not only does this bracelet look good, it has so much meaning behind it which is important to me.

The only other piece of jewellery I wear is my wedding ring, so to now have a stylish bracelet with meaning behind it is great.
These bracelets would make a perfect gift to express friendship and each member of a friendship group could wear one. This would mean that everytime they look down at the bracelet, they’d know they were closer to you than they thought!

This is the ultimate “wear it with meaning” jewellery collection, for all types of relationships to show those who are important to us how we really feel about them (Forever in my heart, always in my mind).