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How Not To Get Ripped Off By A Garage!

We all rely on our cars and when they go wrong it can be an inconvenient nightmare! Finding a reputable garage in order to fix the problem is like negotiating a minefield. Once you find a garage that you trust, hang onto it as they a literally like gold dust! It’s so difficult unless you are almost a mechanic yourself, to know whether the mechanic is telling the truth on the amount of work that needs completing, or whether they are coming up with non-existent faults in order to increase their income!

How Not To Get Ripped Off By A Garage!

Not all car mechanics and garages are rogues, many are honest and if you know a little about the mechanics of your vehicle you will be able to spot an honest one! Sometimes it may be the case that your vehicle will cost more to fix than it’s worth in situations like these you are best cutting your losses and getting a replacement! You could look at funding options from Auto.loan, it may be cheaper in the long run.

Here are some tips for avoiding getting ripped off at the garage!

Knowledge is power!

If you take the time to google the symptoms of the problems that your car is displaying, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what’s wrong before you even go to the garage. It may be a good idea to get an unbiased opinion of the problem from a breakdown company if the car is undrivable, you will then be armed with knowledge and you will at least appear to know what you’re talking about!

Do you have a car manual languishing in your glove compartment? If you do, read it! You’ll be amazed what you can learn about your vehicle. You may even be able to fix the problem yourself!

Reviews and recommendations

Most good garages with excellent reputations are inundated with work, which may be inconvenient, but at least you will know they can be trusted. Search for recommendations and reviews and check to see if they are members of a motor trade body such as NFDA, The independent garage association or Motor Codes. Being a member of a motor body will mean the garage is working to a certain standard.  

Ask for a guarantee

All parts fitted by a reputable garage should come with at least a years guarantee. Remember to keep it in a safe place.

Get involved

Often we drop our car at the garage and pick it up again a day later, once the work has been completed. Try to at least feign an interest in what work has been carried out and ask to see the old parts that have been removed. If you come across as being interested rather than checking up on them it will eliminate any “awkwardness”. If your garage has nothing to hide, they will happily be transparent. Ensure you don’t get bamboozled with technical jargon and ask for the process to be explained in layman’s terms.

Try to get an estimation of cost prior to the work being carried out, including the number of estimated hours of labour and remember to keep all receipts!