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How To Choose A New Outboard Motor For Your Boat

For many types of boating, an outboard motor is the way to go. But, it comes with plenty of questions, too, like which is better? Which is the right prop? Is bigger better for motors? And how do you find the right supplier?

How To Choose A New Outboard Motor For Your Boat

How to Choose a New Outboard Motor

Is it time to replace your old two-stroke outboard because it once again needs repairs? It’s worth noting that outboard motors have gone through a couple of dramatic changes in design over the last couple of years. This is mostly due to the EPA’s 2006 regulations which included outboard motors in a regulated category. Finding the perfect motor for your hull is important to handling and performance. Visit Boatbub.com to learn more about boats and outboard motors.

Here are a few tips on how to find the right outboard motor supplier for your vessel.

1. Weight

Firstly, you need to know your hull’s weight. Knowing that the dry weight of the boat allows you to pick an engine that will best power it, and therefore pick the right supplier. An under-powered engine on a bigger hull tends to tire out the engine and offers less optimum performance. On the other hand, an over-powered engine causes a handling problem due to over-torqueing.

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2. Size

Be sure to size the engine appropriately and ensure that the outboard you choose will fit the shape and size of the hull.

3. Review

Check out marine diesel engine part supplier reviews online. An outboard motor is a big purchase, so it makes sense to take your time checking out the reviews before you spend any money.

4. Noise Pollution

When it comes to buying an outboard motor, consider noise pollution. If you want to maintain that serene lake experience, you’ll want a quieter motor.

5. Type of Boat

Choose a motor by the type of boat that you have. For example, a pontoon boat is able to be powered by a smaller and less costly engine whereas a stern-drive boat needs a larger motor and larger horsepower.

A Few Key Tips

When it comes to finding a supplier for your new outboard motor, consider these tips, too:

  • Consider engine output and weight
  • Think about security – it’s not uncommon to hear of outboard motors being stolen
  • Listen to the advice of the boat builder about the best options for your boat
  • Try to test drive a few different brands on the same boat
  • If you can’t afford a new engine at the time, consider upgrading your prop
  • Consider long-term running costs
  • Invest in additional grunt if you are a water sports fan

Today, outboard motors are experiencing rapidly developing technologies that increase efficiency and reduce weight. With many suppliers on the market, make sure you do your homework before settling on a particular motor to find a reputable supplier that offers sound advice and top-quality products.