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Cool Dude: Dressing Smart For Summer At Work

Smart summer work dress for guys isn’t just about looking polished; it’s also about dressing for the glorious and sometimes scorching weather we have been having. After all, it’s pretty hard to concentrate and do your best at work when you are feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Luckily, you don’t need to put yourself through this if you follow the guide below. Keep reading to find out more.

Cool Dude - Dressing Smart For Summer At Work

The foundations

You will often hear women describe their undergarments as the foundation of the outfits, but men rarely ever see things this way. However, while I’m not recommending that you go out and rock some shapewear, having the right undergarments can make a big difference when the temperature soars.

That is why it’s vital to buy cotton boxers, pants, and socks for the hotter months. In fact, cotton and its derivatives are an essential part of any summer wardrobe, because they allow moisture on the skin to evaporate. Something which is not only cooling but stops you ending up in a big pool of sweat by the end of the day.


Next, let’s consider the type of shirt you will need to pick to stay cool no matter what the weather. Of course, cotton is good here, so stay away from human-made fibres like polyester.

In fact, if your office dress code allows it why not go for a linen shirt like the ones you can find in John Henric’s UK collection online?  Linen being the best type of cotton for the summer because of its wide weave.
Of course, it’s also a good idea to buy shirts with shorts sleeves or at least sleeves that are well fitting enough so they can be rolled up and allow your arms to breathe as well.

Trousers and jackets

Now, unless you are going to go full Man from Del Monte (see the video below), you probably won’t be able to wear a linen suit to work. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find one in a lightweight fabric that is as smart looking as possible. Again cotton or cotton blends are an excellent choice here, and even chambray, if worn in the right way, can work well. Although do feel free to embrace the full linen look on holiday, if you so choose.


Girls are lucky when it comes to summer footwear as they get to wear open-toed sandals during the warm summer months, but us guys don’t tend to get it so easy. In fact, most of us would be laughed out of the building if we rocked up in a suit and sandals!

However, there are still some better footwear choices that you can make even if you have to wear smart shoes to work. Again, natural materials such as canvas and leather are better because they allow the skin to breathe.
Avoid plastic and human-made fibres as these will not only encourage sweat but stink to high heaven after a few days in the heat as well. Also, try investing in some cooling gel soles to keep the temperature of your feet down, a small action but one, when combined with all the others, can help you stay cool at work, no matter how hot it gets.