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How to Make Your Garden More Family-Friendly and Cosy

Summer is in full swing and you probably have some vacation days. If you’re not traveling anywhere, spending the whole day at home can be a lot more fun if your garden is suitable for all kinds of activities with your kids. Here is how you can make your garden more family-friendly and cosy.

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Do a quick inspection

First things first, you should perform a quick check-up of your garden. Look for things that might be dangerous and harm your child. You could even have some fun with this and get a metal detector and see if there’s anything exciting hidden in your garden. Have a look on https://www.detectorlist.com/ to see what you need. Check the plants you have and see whether they are poisonous. Maybe even test your child for allergies to make sure which plants are safe to have in your garden. Examine all corners to get rid of hazardous materials and anything else that can cause injuries, such as sharp corners and edges as well as tools that are not in their place.

Avoid water features

Yes, a pretty water fountain is always a nice sight in the garden, but any type of water feature can be extremely dangerous for children. Toddlers can drown in just a few inches of water, so it’s best to stay on the safe side. However, if you already have something like this in your garden, for example, a pond, you can put a fence around it and make sure your kids can’t reach it, for just in case you can’t supervise them all the time. Fences come in all sorts of designs, so you won’t have any problems matching it with your aesthetics.

Provide them with different surfaces

Children fall all the time, that’s no secret. In order to protect them from cuts, scrapes and bruises, you should install turf in the majority of your garden. If you already have a lawn, great – no need to make any major changes. You can also go for bark and playground matting for certain parts of the space.

However, make sure to still have some concrete or brick pathways, where the kids can ride their bikes or rollerblades (make sure they’re wearing protective gear, though). Your best option might be paving the edges of the lawn. That way, the adults can still reach all corners of the garden and the kids can have a safe space to play.

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Create separate zones

Depending on the size of your garden, you can divide it into several zones. Have separate sections for adults, such as the shed with the garden tools, and explain to your kids that they are not allowed in there. Introduce them to their own areas that are to be used for playing.

Of course, there should also be common areas. Structures such as high-quality retractable roof pergolas can offer you enough space for placing a comfy sofa under it, which can be used by everyone and they allow the kids to spend the day outside without constantly being in the sun. Also, think about adding a kid-friendly element to an area for adults, such as a hammock near the dining area.

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Install various structures for playing

There are many elements you can add to your garden that will make your kids happy. In case you have a mature tree, you can add a tyre swing to it. If your kids are a bit older, a treehouse is also an amazing idea – you can do it yourself and the kids can even help you. Additionally, slides and climbing structures (even walls!) are also a great way to make the garden fun. Just make sure to invest in protective flooring around these areas.

Other options are also available, such as forts and “secret” hideouts. Moreover, you can opt for a teepee that’s covered in vines. That way, the kids will have a space where they can play, and the adults can still have a beautiful structure full of flowers that enhances the look of the space.

Let them invite their friends

If you have a treehouse, fort or teepee, you can let your kids have friends over. They’ll love spending the afternoon playing in the garden. If there is enough space, you can even have a “camping trip”. Set up a few tents and let them pretend they are in a real forest for a night. Roast marshmallow and tell scary stories. However, make sure you are always present, in case of an emergency.

Get a dog

Getting your kid a puppy will definitely make them want to spend their whole day outside. However, you should be aware that dogs frequently eat various plants in your garden and like to sleep in them, so it is crucial to remove toxic plants and any that have thorns and pricks. If there are any such plants that you really want to keep, make sure there are protective fences around them. Another thing to pay attention to is slugs and snails, which are not technically poisonous but can harm your pup. Having your kid take care of your dog will also help them learn about responsibility, and you can even build the dog house together. The pup will be a part of the family so make sure you take care of its needs too.

These elements are just some of the many which can be implemented to make your garden more family-friendly. However, the most important thing is to follow your instincts. Spending time with your children and having fun is what will make this space amazing, even if it’s completely empty.

How to Make Your Garden More Family-Friendly and Cosy

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