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How To Take A Cold Shower (Like You Have Never Seen It Before!)

First, before we tell you how to take a cold shower, you are probably wondering why on Earth anybody would want to put themselves through that anyway right?

Well, it turns out there are numerous health benefits to taking a cold shower regularly. Who would have guessed?

Here are just a few of the benefits that are more well known, but really this is just the tip of the iceberg (excuse the pun) of the potential benefits.

1) Healthier looking skin and hair.

Although this may be down to the fact that you are avoiding using hot water which can dry out hair and skin, cold water also closes pores which makes your skin look healthier.

2) It may help to relieve depression.

Taking those chilly showers may help to stimulate the locus coeruleus (also known as ‘the blue place’ or ‘the blue spot’) in the brain which helps the release of noradrenaline. A lack of this hormone can lead to depression.

3) Helps with weight loss.

Cold exposure helps to activate ‘brown adipose tissue’ (brown fat) which is stored in the upper back and neck. When activated this brown fat expends energy to help to heat the body.

4) It wakes you up and makes you alert.

This one needs no explanation, if you find yourself sluggish in the mornings when you are at work, a cold shower might help you to be more ‘with it’ during the earlier parts of your working day. Just don’t tell the boss, he might make them compulsory!

Anyway, as promised, here is the way of taking cold showers that might surprise you. It’s called the Vader cold shower challenge. (There’s also an instructional video after the infographic below.)

Cold Shower Challenge: The Vader Shower

The Vader Cold Shower Challenge Infographic, courtesy of HomeOfficeGym.com

So there you have it, that is how to take a cold shower the Darth Vader way, let us know about your experience if you give it a shot.