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Housewarming Gifts for Prosperity and Joy

Having a new home is a major achievement for most people and one that calls for a joyous celebration. If a friend or relative has just moved into a new home, custom demands that you take them a gift the first time you visit them in their new home. The best housewarming gifts are thoughtful, practical items that will make it easier for the person to settle into their new home. However, if you’re looking to add a touch of creativity and charm to their space, then a decorative surfboard decor would make a great gift for any beach art fan, for example. Thinking outside of the box can really make a difference, elevating a gift to something all the more special! So, whether you’re in search of a practical gift or looking to take an artistic approach, I’m going to provide you with a few gift ideas that every new homeowner will be grateful for.

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Housewarming Gifts for Prosperity and Joy

1. Summer Sheets

Summer is characterized by high temperatures and sunny days. At night, the heat can cause immense discomfort. This is particularly so if you sweat a lot. It is not uncommon for people to wake up drenched in sweat with beddings clinging to their body on such nights.

Summer sheets can go a long way in making such nights more bearable. A new home owner will without doubt appreciate a set of the best summer bed sheets. But what exactly makes summer sheets the best?

When you are shopping for summer bed sheets, it is best to buy those that are made from natural fibers. These include cotton, linen, silk, Jersey, Sateen and bamboo sheets. The greatest advantage of natural fibers is that they allow air circulation, thus keeping you cool all night. They are also better at conducting heat away than synthetic fibers such as polyester.

It is also better to buy white or brightly colored sheets for the summer. The light colors help to reflect the natural light that is typical of this season. There is also no denying that brighter colors go a long way in brightening up a room.

2. Bottle of Wine and Glasses

A bottle of wine is a classic housewarming gift. You can make your gift even better by bringing along a set of fine wine glasses in addition to the bottle. The good thing about choosing wine for a house warming gift is that you can crack the bottle open during your visit, and this can do a lot to put you in a celebratory mood. The glasses on the other hand become an addition to your host’s collection and can be used on numerous other occasions.

3. Sushi Knife

If your friend or relative is an ardent lover of Japanese food, and especially if they enjoy making Japanese meals, then a sushi knife would be a perfect gift for them. However, before you choose a knife, it is important to understand the basics of sushi knives. They are a lot different from ordinary knives which can be quite confusing for first time buyers.

For one thing, sushi knives are usually honed on the right side. This means that if your loved one is left-handed, you will probably need to order a custom made knife. However, the more western style knives are honed on both sides, and this may be a better choice of a gift. Not all sushi knives are equal. There are some that are best suited for cutting up the whole fish, such as the Deba, while some are best used to cut up boneless fish fillet. There are some still, such as the Gyutou, which are rather versatile and can be used to slice up the fish as well as to cut up the vegetables.

4. Doormat

When people move in to new houses, they are often more concerned with buying the larger things or essential appliances. It is therefore no surprise that most people will take their time in buying a doormat. Make no mistake; doormats are exceedingly important to any house. They help keep dirt out of the house and can also add to the aesthetic value of the house. Gifting your loved one with a doormat is both thoughtful and practical. Just ensure that you get them a top quality mat and they will thank you for it.

5. TV Streaming Devices

Another great house warming gift is a TV Streaming device, which could be 4K Apple TV or a 4K NVidia Shield among numerous others. The perks of streaming devices is that they allow you to watch countless shows, blast music throughout the house and also watch videos as you please. There is no better way to binge watch your favorite shows over the weekend other than using a TV streaming device. This is why anyone would greatly appreciate it if you brought them the device as a house warming gift.

There are many items you can give a loved one for a housewarming gift. You can choose to go the old- fashioned way and bring a bottle of wine, or you can even choose to gift them the ultra- modern TV streaming device. Practical gifts such as quality summer sheets and doormats are also great. And if your loved one loves Japanese cuisine, why not get them a sushi knife?