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Office Supplies and Gadgets Necessary for your New Workplace

Whether starting a new business or moving to a new desk at your current place of employment, making a comfortable and productive workplace is vital. If you don’t create an environment in which you can be productive as comfortably as possible, then it’s unlikely that you’ll get much work done!

This article aims to list a few items deemed extremely important and useful to have in the modern office environment. The items listed here bear no specificity to any particular type of business or venture nor are they listed in any particular order of most to least important, but we feel are universally used across the whole spectrum of the business world.

Office Supplies and Gadgets Necessary for your New Workplace

Powerful Photocopier / Printer / Scanner

Depending on the type of business that you run or work for, having a solid and powerful printer at your side can be a massive boon.

In these modern times, it’s easier than ever to buy powerful photocopying solutions to suit your needs. Companies that sell Samsung printer toner states that “an individually tailored print solution [can strengthen] your document workflows, eliminate wastage, and reduce your printing costs. Having an inferior print solution can seriously hamper your productivity, and if you can afford it, investing in a good machine can be an especially worthwhile investment that can pay itself off in increased productivity. For those businesses that want to spread the cost of a device over several years, photocopier or printer leasing can be a good solution.

Paper Shredder

The humble paper shredder often gets overlooked as a potentially essential piece of office equipment. This should not be the case! The paper shredder has a home in almost any office. Paper shredders are useful in that they help you keep your business data confidential, make recycling easier, save you time, and even make your workplace a safer environment by removing stacks of paper that can create a fire hazard.

In some cases, having a good paper shredder present in your office is legally required! If your workplace deals with medical records, customer personal details, and even salary details, your countries laws could require you have a paper shredder present in the office to ensure that confidential data is disposed of correctly.

Standing Desk

Considering how many hours you spend at it, your desk is vitally important to your productivity. In recent years modern desk trends have emerged that challenge the traditional norm that we’re used to. Rising rapidly in popularity is the standing desk trend, due to the many health benefits that standing desk supporters purport.

Standing desk enthusiasts claim that standing desks reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, reduce back pain, improve mood and energy levels, and as a result of these health benefits standing desks improve your productivity significantly over traditional desks and chairs. However, not everyone will find it comfortable to spend time standing while being productive and they can’t let go of their chairs, which leads us to…

Alternative Chairs

Just as a comfortable desk is vital to productivity, the desks traditional partner is a comfortable chair to help you keep your butt planted and get your work done. Just like desks, alternative chairs have seen a rise in popularity. Typically, these new chairs aim to improve your posture when working to help keep you more comfortable and healthy to improve your productivity.

Kneeling chairs, in particular, appear dramatically different than the traditional chair that we are used to seeing. Instead of placing the weight of your body entirely on your buttocks and lower spine, kneeling chairs position the body such that the weight of the body rests on the lower legs and buttocks. The result of this position is a straighter and ultimately more comfortable back.


Rounding up the trifecta of workplace comfort is lighting. Depending on your workplace situation, it could be wise to invest in a good desk lamp to help keep your workplace illuminated. By doing so, you can prevent lost time and strain by having difficulty in seeing what you’re trying to do.

This is especially important when working with computer screens all day. Prevent unnecessary eye-strain from looking at a screen surrounded by darkness. Additionally, if you live in a part of the world whose nights get extremely long, investing in a daylight lamp should be a consideration.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect up to 15% of the population and the use of a special daylight lamp when working has been shown to be an effective tool to help combat SAD.


Keeping a small cache of refreshments at your workplace is an invaluable way to prevent lost time and productivity. Resolve at least to keep a bottle of water and a few snack bars in a drawer at arms reach in your workplace in case of an emergency. You can even buy USB powered fridges that can help keep your refreshments deliciously cool for when you need them!

Small Cleaning Set

Keeping a roll of paper towels and wet wipes nearby in case of spillage is something frequently overlooked by people when creating their office spaces. You never know what can happen in the day to day operations when working and a coffee spill is much less damaging to your work laptop if you can quickly grab some paper towel and mop it up!


In today’s digital age, it’s absolutely ludicrous to work professionally without a solid backup infrastructure in place. Whether you work alone for yourself or work for a large company, it’s extremely important to have adequate back-ups of all your work in case the worst should happen. A solid starting point for creating an adequate backup is to use the 3-2-1 backup strategy. Simply put, have 3 copies of your data, on at least 2 different devices, with at least 1 device in an off-site location.

For example, if you have a document named ‘Tax 2001’, have 3 copies of Tax 2001 saved, two on your computer in different locations and one on an external hard drive, and keep that hard drive in a different physical location and building from your workplace. The 3-2-1 backup strategy is the minimum and an excellent starting point, but look to invest money in either external hard drives or even cloud storage you trust to help prevent data loss from destroying all your hard work.

There we have it!  A short list of items that we feel should warrant consideration when you move to a new workplace. Keep yourself comfortable, make sure you have the appropriate tools on hand, and finally get those backups set up. Investing in these simple items and gadgets will go far to make you more productive and hopefully happier in your new workplace.