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Fashion Tips for Working Dads

I know for sure that being a working dad, husband and home owner isn’t easy and it’s very difficult to find time for yourself! Not only this, most parents will focus primarily on buying clothes for their children rather than themselves.

At one point I must have gone at least a year without buying myself any new clothes. It’s easily done and this can have an impact on the way you feel when going out and about in public.

Many people will build a first impression based on various things with one of those being the way someone is dressed. It’s also important to set an example to your children and dressing in a way that matches your personality is one of the ways to do that!

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Here’s a few tips to help all you working dads out there when it comes to fashion!

Fashion Tips for Working Dads

Pick The Right Sized Clothes

Let’s face it, most dad’s working in an office (or similar) environment will put on a bit of weight due to always being too tired to hit the gym or go for a run!

This is where picking the right sized clothes is important. If you’re packing a little extra over the winter period and are feeling a bit conscious, then wear some baggier clothes to hide this extra weight!

I’d suggest taking a few measurements and before purchasing new clothes, check out some size guide such as this one from Ted Baker – https://www.tedbaker.com/uk/size-and-fit-guide/size-guide-for-men.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

Picking appropriate accessories to go with your outfit is really important as it’s often the little things that really make a difference.

A company called Fredrick Thomas recently sent me a number of products from their range including some cufflink’s. This is one accessory that can really take your suit to the next level.

These cufflink’s that I received from Fredrick Thomas will go down a treat with my clients.

Fashion Tips for Working Dads

One other area to consider here is socks! You may think it’s not worth investing in decent socks but during 7 years of working in an office environment, I’ve lost count of how many times people have complemented my socks!

Companies such as Fredrick Thomas, mentioned just above, have a great range of high quality socks that will do the trick if your looking to up your sock game!

Fashion Tips for Working Dads

Choose Durable and Dark Colours

Kids are known for making a mess and clothes will often get stained and have to go in the wash.

As a dad, purchasing a pair of dark coloured jeans or something similar is a must because they are dark enough to hide stains, usually tough enough to resist tearing but still smart enough to wear with with a jacket during a client meeting.

Own a Selection of Ties

Ties are also a game changer when your in a meeting with a client.

Ensuring that you own a wide range of ties will allow you to be prepared for any even that presents itself to you. Fredrick Thomas have a great range of handmade, quality ties in a huge number of different colours.

If you’re attending a wedding, you need a smart tie to go with your suit but if you’re attending a family dinner you maybe don’t need to be as smart or formal and a floral tie for example would be ideal.

Above all else, you need to feel comfortable in your clothes and even though you may think you don’t have enough time to go out and buy clothes for yourself, find the time to do this and you will feel so much better when your out and about in public or in the office!