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Review: 2018 Ford Focus ST Line

I have loved Ford’s my whole life, as have my family! A few years back I had a Ford Focus and now I’ve got a Ford C-Max Grand (7 seater) to fit the tribe in nicely. My brother had an used Ford Focus ST as well and has now got an older style Focus. So it’s fair to say that when someone from Evans Halshaw got in touch about testing out a brand new 2018 Ford Focus ST Line, I jumped at the chance!

The first deliveries of the new Ford Focus are happening at the beginning of September and more information can be seen here.

Ford Focus Models

There are six different Ford Focus models:

  • Ford Focus Titanium
  • Ford Focus Titanium X
  • Ford Focus Active X
  • Ford Focus ST-Line X
  • Ford Focus ST
  • Ford Focus ST-Line

Here is the Ford Focus ST-Line I was given for the week, isn’t it just beautiful!

2018 Ford Focus ST Line Review

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’m a car expert or that I’ve reviewed a car before. But I know enough to say that this all new Ford Focus is an excellent car overall. There are loads of things I really loved about the car!

Read on to see my thoughts!


As already mentioned I have a 7 seater so that we can fit the three kids in comfortably. So I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t fit the three car seats in the back of the Ford Focus.

Plenty of space in tha back

I couldn’t have been more wrong, we got all three car seats on the rear seats and they had plenty of leg room without me or my wife needing to pull our front seats forward. It is safe to say the Ford Focus hatchback is quite a family car.

2018 Ford Focus Review

Being over 6ft tall, I usually struggle with leg room in cars especially if I have to pull the front seats forwards to allow the kids extra room. But the Ford Focus offers plenty of room for my lanky legs and that takes some doing!

The boot has a healthy size

The boot space was also a healthy size, which is important for a family car. We travelled down to Southampton for a night stay where we went to Paultons Park and managed to fit everything that we needed into the boot. We had a hold-all, a rather large travel cot, a small pushchair and a couple of other bags and they all fit nicely into the boot which surprised me!

The boot space was also a healthy size


The model that I was given was the ST Line which means the ST Line models have all the looks of an ST just without the bigger engine.

I loved the alloys on the ST Line and even though a small detail, I really liked the red stitching around the steering wheel too! In the winter quite handy is the heated steering wheel.

The interior quality of the car in general was really nice but the one thing I would change is the position of the sat nav. I’ve always preferred the infotainment screen to be integrated within the dash but I do know many people that like this design.

The sat nav is an extra that can be added on, it doesn’t come as standard.

I was also able to connect my phone up to this system to play music and make hands free phone calls which is a great feature.

Ford Focus Infotainment System

Other than that, the interior is very smart and has the feel of a sporty car! The infotainment system comes with other features such as wireless phone charging or head up display.

Safety Features

With kids in my car I’ve always looked closely at the safety features before buying. The 2018 Ford Focus doesn’t disappoint on this front!

This is actually one of the first cars to be awarded full marks for safety by Euro NCAP. Which just speaks volumes already, without even knowing what features are included.

It has

  • lane keeping assistance
  • wrong way alert
  • blind spot information system
  • rear view camera
  • Ford MyKey (a way to set different setting for other drivers of the car)
  • traffic sign recognition
  • automatic emergency braking

A few new and improved features include pre-collision assist and pedestrian/cyclist detection to give drivers extra piece of mind!

Luckily I didn’t activate the pre-collision assist feature but knowing it’s there if you ever come into trouble is re-assuring!


This particular model (ST Line) has keyless start technology. So as long as the key is within the car you can press the Power Start Button. Away you go, I do really like this feature!

Ford Focus. Power Start Button

It has a Stop and Go feature so when you come to a stop at traffic lights or if your in traffic, the car automatically applies a brake is applied and then once you start moving again, it removes the brake! I really loved this feature because it just made stop start situations so easy to manage!

It also has adaptive cruise control which is great for longer journeys. It was a god send travelling down to Southampton from the midlands!

There is also a lane keeping aid feature. It notifies the driver if they’ve moved too close to the edge of their lane. I did try this out and it’s very good!

Another extra that can be added on are front and rear parking sensors. The car I drove had this feature. I would definitely recommend these as it makes sure you don’t get any unnecessary bumps, nomatter hte parking spaces!

I loved the electronic brake as well, instead of having a huge hand brake that gets in the way, the 2018 Ford Focus has a small button to apply the parking brake which is so much easier!

Smooth Drive

The Ford Focus model I was driving had a 1.5 EcoBlue Diesel engine and 6 gears. There are by now also other Ford Focus models with plug in hybrid option and an electric version.

The overall driving experience was really smooth and the engine wasn’t too loud which is always nice! This is also true for road noise.

Ford Focus driving Modes

It has 3 driving modes, Sport, Eco and Normal. On the way down to Southampton I mostly had it in Eco mode and it was averaging 52mpg which is great, considering I did give it a bit of oomph to test it out a bit! So the fuel economy is not bad.

I could really tell the difference when switching into Sport mode though, mainly in the acceleration. At times I felt like I was on a rollercoaster, you put your foot down and away you go with higher speeds!

As a family man currently driving a large car I don’t have that speed or acceleration I crave! With the new Ford Focus, I can get the best of both worlds, plenty of space but at the same time plenty of power!

2018 Ford Focus ST Line: My Verdict

If your a family man with kids and need plenty of space, a comfortable car but want a mean looking car with some speed. Then the New Ford Focus is a great pick as new car! It is a family hatchback with top speed and great fun. The tail lights or body styles, the desing is just nice.

Ford Focus is a family hatchbacks and safe!

The Ford Focus is a good car with some really amazing technologies and super smart safety features. T that are sure to keep you and your family safe. It’s also really economical too.

In the family hatchback class you have only a few premium rivals that comes close to the Ford Focus, such the Volkswagen Golf or Vauxhall Astra. I feel comfortable in the driver’s seat of the Ford Focus, already did in the previous generation. The five door hatchback is fun handling at reasonable running costs.

I’ve always loved Fords because they are so reliable and I just couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about the new Ford Focus. If your looking for more information on the new Focus then head over here.

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