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Edinburgh: Popular Things To Do

I’ve never actually been myself, but many people I’ve spoken to have told me just how amazing Edinburgh is!

There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy sightseeing or shopping, Edinburgh won’t disappoint.

I’m going there in November so I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to Edinburgh and all the awesome things you can do and see whilst visiting. In the hope that I persuade you to visit the capital of Scotland during the course of this post, check out this selection of lovely apartments from City Suites that are available to rent out for your visit – https://thecitysuites.com/apartments-edinburgh/. If an overnight stay isn’t possible and you’re looking at day trips from London by train, with so much to see and do Scotland’s capital city could be the perfect destination for you too. 

Edinburgh Castle

If there’s only one thing you do during your time in Edinburgh, make sure you visit the castle!

It has been voted a top UK heritage attraction in the British Travel Awards but not only this, it is Scotland’s Number one paid-for tourist attraction. Need I really say any more than that to persuade you to visit?

The castle has such a complex historical background that shaped the country to how it is today. There are guided tours of the castle you can take part in but they also have brilliant audio equipment if you’d prefer to venture out on your own.

It has some brilliant reviews on TripAdvisor so I’d recommend heading over there if you want to find out what other people thought of their visit!

The Royal Mile & Grassmarket

The Royal Mile runs through Edinburgh’s old town, connecting the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Edinburgh Castle.

There’s plenty to do in this lively area of Edinburgh, with many eating and drinking spots, lots of impressive buildings to admire, a range of shops to enjoy and a secret underground world!

A short walk from The Royal Mile, you will find a place called Grassmarket. This used to be a medieval marketplace where public executions happened but now it’s a popular place for tourists to visit.

There’s a range of drinking and eating places along with a number of eclectic shops. Some of the pubs like to keep alive the bloodied past of this area such as The Last Drop.

Underground Walking Tour of The Edinburgh Vaults

Whilst your on the Royal Mile, another fascinating sight you should visit is The Edinburgh Vaults which resides under the city. You can go on a walking tour for fairly decent prices!

The vaults fill all 19 arches of South Bridge in Edinburgh’s historic Old town. You will learn all about the conditions in which poor citizens lived in during the 18th century.

A number of mysterious events occurred down in the haunted vault so if you scare easily maybe it’s best avoided …. or make sure you’ve got someone’s hand to hold!

Arthur’s Seat

If you enjoy long walks or hikes then you have to visit Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano that gives excellent views of the city!

It’s also a site of Special Scientific Interest due to its wide range of flora and geology. There’s a loch which is rich in wildlife and a series of 150 foot cliff faces named as Sailsbury Crags.

There’s different routes that can be taken and the red route for example, takes roughly 2 hours to walk.

I really do urge you to put on your hiking boots and enjoy this, I probably will be when I visit in November!


Edinburgh is famous for a number of things and one of those is Whisky!

If you fancy yourself a whisky expert or just enjoy a tipple, there are guided tours of the city which will take you to the best bars. Not only will you taste some of the best whisky, you will get to see the creation process too.

There’s also a distillery tour around the southern highlands and the Isle of Islay which sounds like great fun!

There’s so much more to do in the amazing city of Edinburgh and I could go on and on!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and if your keen to find out more then head over to Google and search for more things to do and see!