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What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is something of an enigma to many people, despite being an increasingly popular hobby and sport many people still hold misconceptions about it. Even some so-called professional airsoft websites get information wrong!

So, if you can’t trust the people selling airsoft weapons and supplies for the right information who can you go to? Well, I can help and below I’ve outlined all the important information you need to know about airsoft. So, without further ado let’s begin, shall we?

What Is Airsoft

Introducing Airsoft

So, what is airsoft exactly? At its most basic airsoft is a competitive, team-based shooting sport played for recreational purposes. There is no official airsoft league with different countries competing (not yet anyway) but it can still get fiercely competitive. There is an unofficial England vs Scotland game however!

Airsoft can also be played in a variety of different of ways. The most common way to play involves two teams facing off against each other. The team that loses all its players first is the losing team, this type of game is usually known as a standard deathmatch.

Even these matches can be played in multiple ways though. You could give each player a certain number of lives, they could “respawn” after a set amount of time has passed or certain players could be medics and be able to heal others if they get to them in time.

Other popular ways to play airsoft include capture the flag matches, rescue missions, predator style missions where one player is going against many and missions were one team as to protect a certain area or person. And that’s just a small sample of the many ways airsoft games can be played.

Airsoft is most commonly played at skirmish sites, these are professional establishments designed to accommodate airsoft games. Your average skirmish site will usually be a large outdoor area and have numerous facilities available.

This will include things like onsite first aid, security, toilets, safe zones, instructors and water replenishment services. While they are less common some skirmish sites will also be designed to look like real-life locations such as military bases or even desolate towns.

These types of sites can allow players to get more creative and tactical when it comes to playing. They are also ideal locations for airsoft players who want to take a more roleplaying approach to their games. While not all airsoft player take part in the roleplay aspects of the game many do.  

What Do You Need To Play Airsoft?

Another common misconception about airsoft is that you need a lot of money to actually get into the sport. This isn’t true not by a long a shot! In fact, you can play airsoft without needing to buy much at all. There is a huge range of weapons, supplies, and attachments you can buy when it comes to airsoft but beginners don’t need to spend a lot to get started. There are numerous stores such as https://www.airsoftdeals.co.uk/ throughout the world where you can purchase a range of guns, accessories and other equipment you require for airsoft.

So, what do beginners need to get started in airsoft? All you really need is a weapon, it’s usually best to start with a handgun style airsoft gun at first and you’ll also need a face mask or helmet of some kind. Without proper face protection, many official skirmish sites won’t even let you play, however many do offer both facial protection and weapons for hire as well. Once you feel ready to take this sport more seriously you can then look for air rifles in the UK as well as any other gear you may need.

You’ll also need to dress for the game as well. Airsoft teams who take on the more roleplay approach might want to style themselves after military groups or build their own battle uniforms. However, for beginners, all you will need to do is dress for the elements and protection, so thick boots, a jacket and some boots will do the job just fine.

You will also need a water canteen because dehydration after a long game of airsoft is a very real possibility. So, you don’t need to spend a lot to get started in airsoft games and it’s a lot more open to beginners than many people think.

As long as you are properly equipped for the game then there is very little risk of injury. Airsoft is often thought to be very dangerous but as long as you have a face mask and follow proper protocol you’ll be perfectly safe. That being said airsoft is only recommended for people over the age 18 because of the safety risks involved.

So, let’s sum up what we know about airsoft. It’s a recreational sport usually played by teams at professional sites. You can easily find the best airsoft guns at wholesale in the UK or elsewhere online, they look “cool and tactical” and feel like a real weapon but fire plastic pellets. You won’t need to bring along lots of stuff, just some covered clothing, face protection and some water along with your gun.

Airsoft can see a little intimidating at first but it’s a lot like nerf or paintball in many respects. There are some important differences of course but if you’ve ever played them then airsoft will feel very familiar.