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What is Hot Yoga? (Benefits and Tips)

Hot yoga is yoga practice which is performed in a hot room or in humid conditions in general.

The temperature of the room where hot yoga is performed is generally 105° (approximately) and the humidity is 30-50%.

As you can see the rooms where the Hot Yoga is performed are very hot and humid. So during this kind of yoga a lot of water gets removed from your body.

So you must be well hydrated before practicing hot yoga. Also there are a lot of benefits of drinking more water.

Tip: never do hot yoga if you have consumed alcohol the night before.

In Hot Yoga there are 26 postures which are generally repeated twice and are done within one hour and a half.

There are usually two series involved in Hot Yoga

  1. Standing Series
  2. Floor Series

Tip: You have to rest a little bit after practicing each yoga posture to identify the benefits of it.

After completing the above series, you can do the breathing exercises.

What is Hot Yoga - Benefits and Tips

Benefits of Hot Yoga

1. Detoxification  

As hot yoga is performed in hot and humid environment a lot of water get removed from your body through sweat. Due to this not only your skin get cleaned but also the internal organs.

During performing the two series i.e. standing series and floor series every muscle group of your body and also every set of bone group gets affected during hot yoga.

2. Improves elasticity of the muscles

As it is good to improve the elasticity of the muscle and the hot yoga is performed in the hot room and humidity which helps in improving the elasticity of the muscles.

3. Improves immune system

Hot yoga increases production of the lymphs which are essential for a better immune system. So you will experience a wonderful immune system after practicing hot yoga.

4. Improves circulation

Yoga really helps in improving the the circulation in your body.

You can really experience the improve circulation while practicing hot yoga.

It is a very good cardiovascular workout and it also supports skeletal system.

5. Anybody can do it

It’s a very simple type of yoga practice.

Also the posture in hot yoga are really safe and are not complicated.

It is literally designed for all level of yoga practitioner.

So whether you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner it doesn’t matter while practicing hot yoga.

Also you don’t need to be strong or flexible to do it.

6. Improves strength

Hot yoga is very good to improve strength.

And the good thing is everybody can do it and it is not complicated and difficult.

7. Complete exercise

Hot yoga not only provides a good physical workout but also it is a good mental exercise. You will be able to relax and to get the mind and the body calm down.

So overall it is a very good physical and mental exercise.

8. Healthy life

You will experience a very healthy life without any pain or any extra effort after practicing hot yoga which is a great benefit of it.

9. Weight loss

Hot yoga promotes weight loss more than regular yoga because while practicing hot yoga you excrete out a lot of sweat out of your body.

10. Improves Overall Health

Hot yoga improve the overall health of your body. It’s a comprehensive program that works on whole body.

It really helps you to be very present very grateful and you just feel amazing.

At last don’t just let the fear of heat stop you.Do it with your buddies or friends.

Just give it a shot.

Tips for Hot Yoga

1. Stay hydrated

Hot yoga is all about sweating and water is the main component of sweat.

So you must stay hydrated while performing hot yoga, after hot yoga and also before hot yoga.

You should drink a lot of water throughout the day so that at the time you are going to perform hot yoga your body Is well hydrated.

But not only drinking a lot of water is beneficial, you must drink water containing all the essential natural minerals.

Usually you don’t get such essential minerals through normal water so you must drink water purified by a good water purifier.

This guide will help you to find ideal water purifier for yourself.

2. Wear light dress

Always dress as light as possible during performing not only hot yoga but also normal yoga.

Don’t bother too much about your appearance, just focus on comfort while choosing clothes for hot yoga.

3. Have a shower immediately after the Hot Yoga session

As hot yoga is all about sweating, when you sweat all the toxins from your body gets out on the surface of your skin. So if you don’t take a shower immediately after having hot yoga session then these toxins may get absorbed in the body again.

4. Don’t fill yourself too much

Your body requires energy to perform yoga but don’t eat too much before the yoga session.

It is best to eat to 2-4 hours before the session.

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