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5 Creative Ways to Make a Kids Art Display At Home

The little one has just discovered the magic of art, and he or she has gotten pretty prolific, too. Now your house is overflowing with an infinite number of little masterpieces, and you are facing a dilemma. You can throw them away, but the little one will be angry, or worse, hurt. And you know, sometimes they’re just too cute to throw away.

The other option is making a kids art display of some sort. Well, if you can choose, the second option is probably the better one. Your child won’t be disappointed at you for not appreciating their works of art that they’re so proud of, and you can even make it really cute. Here are some ideas to inspire you when creating a kids art display at home.

1. Use matching frames

Of course, you won’t frame every single picture they make. Save this method for all those masterpieces that are special in some way – paintings of your family, for example, or something that is particularly important to the child, even if it seems silly to you.

If you have more than one child, get different-colored frames for each of them. Use the colors that your children like, but make sure you get them in shades that work with the colors of the room in which you want to put them.

2. Use cork boards

Because not every picture the kids bring home from school is going to be an evergreen, you need to find a less permanent solution than frames. Sure, you can change a picture in a frame fairly easily, but isn’t it so much easier to simply pin and unpin the pieces of paper from a cork board?

It’s a great option because, well, as we’ve already stated, kids tend to be quite prolific. What is more, they also tend to lose interest quickly, so the drawing that made them so proud yesterday may need to give way to a water-color painting they’ll bring home today. Make sure it’s easy for them to put up the pieces by themselves if they’re old enough.

3. Make an art wall

This is probably one of the best ways to really make your kid feel like a genuine little artist. Give them an art wall all for themselves, in their room. One of the more fabulous ideas includes using some nice wooden letters to indicate that it is indeed a wall for artworks, or you can even spell out the artist’s name!

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like drilling a bunch of holes in the wall, you can use one of the very handy portable partition solutions which can double as an art display. You’ll get the same result without ruining your wall.

4. Use clipboards

Clipboards are similar to cork boards in the sense that the artworks can be easily switched if the artist demands so. However, unlike cork boards, clipboards don’t use any pointy or small thingies such as pins that could be dangerous for very young kids.

This makes them the perfect solution for the youngest of artists, or for the ones who have baby sisters or brothers. Ideally, they should be placed lower on the wall, to reduce the risk of kids attempting to climb onto something in order to change the picture.

5. Collage or poster

This is a good way of saving wall space. If you notice that your kids are particularly proud of some of their artworks, you may consider making a poster or collage of them, so instead of several frames, you’ll only have one. You can have them reduced in size and printed out, so that they require even less space, and look even cuter.

You can have some fun with your child arranging them so that you make them visually pleasing to the maximum. It’ll look great anywhere in your house, from the children’s room to the living room.

Children are probably at their cutest when they are all happy and excited about something silly such as a school painting. As parents, we want to encourage that enthusiasm. Is there a better way to do so than proudly displaying the fruits of their labor?