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Harmful household problems and how to solve them

Running a household can be a tough job at the best of times. From ensuring that all the rubbish is taken out when bin day rolls around to making certain that bills are paid and that insurance coverage is in place, there are plenty of jobs to keep a householder busy. If things do happen to go wrong it can be stressful – especially if the problem is unpleasant or long-running in nature.

From infestations of rodents, such as mice or rats, to structural issues like damp, there are lots of different issues which a homeowner or tenant can face. Luckily, help is at hand. This article will explain how to tackle some of the most common harmful household problems and it will point you toward the many helpful organisations and services which can tackle your problem head on. Here is a guide to get rid of pests.

Pest infestations

With some councils in London alone receiving over a hundred calls per day on the topic of rodent infestations, this is clearly one of the most common household problems. The mere sight of a rodent can cause alarm, especially in a household with children. Mice and rats can also bring with them a whole host of potential health risks, including high levels of bacteria contained in droppings and urine. And there’s evidence that they’re also linked to dangerous bacteria including E.coli. And with some rodents being able to chew through electrical cables, the risks involved in failing to effectively tackle an infestation are just too great to ignore.

Take the example of bedbugs. These creatures can bite you and your family during the night, so they need to be tackled. No matter what sort of infestation you’re unlucky enough to experience, however, there are steps you can take to stop them.

The first thing you should do is consult a specialist pest control provider who is able to visit your property with the necessary equipment to tackle the problem. If you own your home, you will have to pay for this service. If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord may have to pay if you can demonstrate you haven’t caused the problem. On some occasions, you may be able to get rid of an infestation using homemade or shop-bought remedies, such as mousetraps. To find out more about preventive pest control for your home, check this out.

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Dry rot

There are all sorts of reasons why rot can occur in a property. Often, they are structural in nature: moisture can get into a roof space because of blocked gutters for example. Rot can itself lead to the creation of problems such as woodlice and other pests. The underlying problem must be quickly identified and remedied.

If rot in floorboards is discovered, the first thing to do is to access the affected area by clearing the room. Ideally, you should be able to remove the boards which have signs of rot and replace them with new ones, however, it is vital to tackle the root cause. That might involve the application of a chemical to the joists and surrounding timbers. That is a job best carried out by a specialist company.

Mould around the home

Mould is a growth which is a completely natural substance – but it’s not good to have it in your home. It’s a type of fungus, and it exists in order to help other naturally occurring organisms in the cycle of nature. However, it is associated with some harmful health effects which can increase in severity if they are left unchecked. That is especially true for those with allergies. If a person that suffers from an allergy breathed in some mould spores he or she might develop rashes, have breathing difficulties and other issues.

In order to solve mould-related problems, the best thing to do is tackle the root cause. If you find that mould is building up in your bathroom, for example, you should install an extractor fan to get rid of excess moisture. If the problem arises in a kitchen, the best thing to do is to install an extractor fan above the cooker. In the event that you have mould which returns after cleaning, some specialist stores or larger supermarkets sell a number of mould removal products in spray or liquid form which can be used to remove mould permanently. Be careful when using such products because they can be toxic to humans if the instructions are not closely followed. They can also stain fabrics and walls. Try using them first on a small area in order to ensure they don’t damage the paintwork. Alternatively, you could call on a professional mold inspection in Greensboro, NC service (or services closer to you) to eliminate the problem before it becomes a serious health issue. Mould can be dangerous, especially around young children, so it is always best to remove the problem as soon as you spot it before it becomes a serious issue. 

Electrical wiring

In a property a system of hidden wires behind the walls provides electrical power to the lights and the power outlets. In a modern home, the only parts visible are the switches and the 13amp sockets. The wiring system in such dwellings is controlled by a sophisticated consumer unit that will instantly cut off the power to a circuit where there is a problem. Electrical wiring installations can last for many years without a problem, however, in the event of a fault arising, it is often difficult to ascertain the cause. In this event, you will be in need of electrical troubleshooting in Prescott Valley experts. These qualified electricians will come out and complete a system safety check and work to find the root cause of the issue so they can then fix it for you.

If you live in a new-build property, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to think about when you might need to have any rewiring carried out. But in older homes, the issue may be more pressing. Rewiring is a job that can only be carried out by qualified electricians.

Realising that you have a household problem like a mouse infestation or a structural defect can be stressful, but there are ways to solve any problem. The first step is to find out which specialist provider can best help you. With pest control services, mould and rot treatment specialist companies, builders and decorators all on hand, it should be a straightforward job to find someone to deliver the service that you need.