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5 Factors Before Installing New Taps At Home

Whether you’re buying a brand-new kitchen tap or planning to upgrade the current one, there are a few things you need to consider first. Below, we share some top tips for you to know before you install your new kitchen taps at home.

5 Factors Before Installing New Taps At Home
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1. Tap repair and installation

Are you planning on repairing a tap on your own or will you need the help of the best plumber in Sydney, or wherever in the world you are, that you can find? Many of the newer taps are designed to be easy enough for you to install yourself. They’re designed in a way that anyone can install and operate them.

But, it’s usually better to seek the help of a professional so as to avoid leaks. Trading Depot showcases a Franke mixer tap selection which you can check and install in your home.

2. Holes in the sink

When you upgrade from your old tap, consider purchasing a new one that requires the same amount of holes already in the deck of your kitchen sink. Traditional kitchen taps have cold and hot water taps and require 3 holes – one for the spout and two for the tap. Typically, you’ll need one extra hole, too, for placing the sprayer. There are one-piece taps on the market that require just a single hole for the handle and one separate hole for the sprayer. However, the most commonly used one are single hole taps for the kitchen that are simply easier to use and maintain.

3. Different types of handles

Typical normal kitchentaps have either one handle that rotates in any direction to choose a watertemperature or two handles, one for hot water and one for cold water. Theone-piece taps either have handles at the side of the tap or attached to theunit.

Overall, single handle taps are easier to use and a great option is a lever handle so that you can even turn it with your elbows when your hands are sticky or messy. Lever taps tend to work well with universal kitchen taps as anyone can access them. One lever is usually more practical, too, and there are even levers with touch sensors to help keep handles clean from sticky hands.

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4. Choose a tap with a sprayer

Sprayers are usually built-in dishwasher or soap dispensers that have become a popular feature with modern taps. A multifunction spray head that pulls down is best, and often a necessity for many homeowners. While the button upon the spray head is often costly, you can still opt for a single lever with an undermount soap dispenser.

Kitchen taps with sprayers usually come as either a pull down or pull out from the tap head or even as a side feature from the tap’s spout. If you do opt for a kitchen tap with a sprayer, make sure you choose a high quality, long and durable one that requires minimum maintenance.

5. Consider the water filtration system in your kitchen taps

In today’s kitchens,taps have become a feature, along with built-in water filtration systems toallow you to get clean, filtered water right from the tap. Filtering waterkeeps germs and dirt away. If you are thinking of getting a filter system, makesure you get the best one for your budget.

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