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Spooktacular Halloween Costumes

Another Halloween is over and we’re left with a huge pile of sweets as we are every year that takes the kids a few months to get through!

Our youngest, Archie, came down with a nasty cold just before Halloween so mommy took Maisie and Evie trick or treating with our next door neighbour and her daughter while I stayed in to dish out the sweets!

Archie really enjoyed answering the door though so he didn’t miss out which is always good!

Halloween Costumes

This year, our eldest daughter Maisie asked if she could dress up as Wednesday from The Addams Family! So we jumped onto Amazon, found a costume and Maisie was really pleased with the outcome!

Maisie As Wednesday

She looked fab didn’t she!

Evie was a witch and Archie was a cheeky bat! He didn’t like the bat ears too much though as you can see from the photo below!

I want to give a shoutout to Snazaroo for sending over some of their brush pens which were great for creating some cool designs and will be sure to use them in the future!


It wouldn’t be Halloween without carving a pumpkin would it! Maisie drew a scary face on a piece of paper and demanded me to use that so we did!

Our Pumpkin - 2018

The kids had great fun removing the seeds from inside the pumpkin as well!

Kids With Pumpkin

I’d love to see photos of the pumpkins you all made this year! I’ve already seen some really awesome designs!

The kids are already looking forward to next year!