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Keeping Your Family Home Safe

Keeping your family home safe is extremely important, not only to protect your loved ones but also to protect your belongings!

There are many different ways to do this, with one of those being security cameras. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor security camera, it’s a great way to keep an eye on your home. IP cameras in particular are a great option and you can read more here.

Someone from a company called Time2 got in touch and offered to send us a little care package which was absolutely brilliant!

They sent us a little hamper of goodies which included a bag of chocolate coins, two packs of unicorn sparkle drops, a lovely photo of our family and of course an indoor security camera named Olivia!

Meet Olivia – The Indoor WiFi Security Camera

This is Olivia.

Olivia is part of Time2’s new range of home security cameras.

She sees and hears everything! The camera is very flexible as it spins round and also moves up and down.

It’s a WiFi camera so connects up to the internet via your home network allowing you to get a live stream on your phone wherever you may be in the world!

It has an automatic infrared night vision so carries on working through the night as well.

To connect the camera to my phone, I had to download an app. It was so easy to follow the instructions and get the live stream, I was up and running in minutes!

Another great feature is that I can insert a micro SD card to make use of the playback and share function. She can record up to 900 hours of HD footage which can be shared with family and friends.

For added security, all recordings are stored internally in your phone so there is no need for additional cloud subscriptions.

There are options on the app to set up sound and motion alerts so anytime Olivia detects movement or any unexpected sound, you will receive a notification on your phone which I think is great!

If Olivia does detect sound or movement while you are away then you can instantly check by playing back the footage.

Another cool feature is that you can speak to your loved ones via the two way audio function!

Time2 have many other security cameras to choose from and they also provide smart plugs that work with the Clan app so you can easily create a connected smart house!

I urge you to take a look at their website so you can see just how Time2 can help you keep your home safe!