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Ways To Spend Less On Car Maintenance

Are you spending too much fixing up your car? Here are five tricks that could help you to spend less repairing your vehicle.

5 Ways To Spend Less On Car Maintenance

Start driving economically

A lot of wear and tear can be delayed by taking up a more economical driving style. For example, braking and accelerating more smoothly can put less stress on the pedals, cause less wear to the brake pads and tires and put less strain on the engine itself. Carrying less weight can also make a difference – removing an empty roof box could allow you to move off with less gas, whilst putting less stress on the suspension and tires.

Don’t ignore small faults

Many small faults that are cheap to repair can turn into big faults that are expensive to repair when ignored. A good example is the timing belt or serpentine belt – if this is getting worn you may as well replace it there and then. If you wait until this belt snaps, you could cause devastating damage to the rest of the engine (sometimes it can be enough to write off a vehicle!). Worn tyres and worn brake pads are worth replacing early for a similar reason.

Buy your own parts

You don’t have to let a mechanic order parts for you. By sourcing them yourself, you could save money by not having to pay commission on these parts. You can find parts such as Citroen spares online. It’s worth doing your research first so that you know exactly which part you need – you don’t want to waste money on the wrong part. Be wary of buying partially worn parts as they are more likely to fail sooner (partially worn tyres are cheap and popular, but they generally only last a few months before needing to be replaced again).

Put your DIY skills to the test

There are a lot of car faults that can be easily fixed without having to see a professional. For instance, some car bumps can be repaired simply using a plunger whilst some scratches can be fixed up with toothpaste. The internet is full of guides that can help you to make these DIY fixes. Only take on jobs that you feel are within your capability – you don’t want to make a pig’s ear of it and then end up having to pay extra for a professional to undo your botched work.

Know when to scrap

Some vehicles aren’t worth pouring extra money into. The 50% rule is generally worth considering – if repairs come to more than 50% of the total value you spent to buy the car, it’s generally not worth paying for these repairs. In such situations, look into getting your vehicle scrapped for cash with vehicle recycling and scrap metal specialist like Scrap Car Cardiff. You won’t get a huge amount for scrapping your vehicle, but it could be an extra something to put towards a new car that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Keep Your Headlights Shiny and Clean

It’s also crucial to ensure your headlights are kept clear. After a few years on the road, the surface fo the headlights may become discolored or oxidized. It is important to restore them as soon as they become foggy, because keeping them clean will give you an extra few seconds of response time to avoid a deer or pothole in the road. Also, brighter headlights mean that you are more visible to other drivers. There are plenty of ways to clear your headlights, for example, going to a professional auto shop, or to go the DIY route by getting a headlight restoration kit and saving lots of money in the process.