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Prevent Leaks For Good With These Plumbing Pointers

If there is one kind of DIY disaster that most homeowners worry about more than any other, it has to be plumbing issues and leaks. Very few of us have any experience of dealing with plumbing problems, so hardly any of us would be able to deal with an emergency leak or problem with the house’s plumbing. Thankfully, though, there are a few things you can do in your home to try to prevent a leak from happening in the first place. And, as they all say, prevention is the best form of medicine!

Prevent Leaks For Good WIth These Plumbing Pointers

So, do you think it’s time you took a closer look at your home’s pipes and see if you can stop them from ever leaking? Here are a few things you might want to do.

Install Some Shut-Off Valves

If your home doesn’t already have them, you might want to install some shut-off valves onto the whole plumbing system. A reputable firm like Dyno Plumbing will be able to do this for you. These valves will then let you turn off the flow of water to certain sections to your home’s plumbing. That way, if you ever do think you have a leak, you can turn off the water the to suspect pipe so no further damage is caused while you get a local plumber to investigate.

Store Hoses Inside During Winter

One of the biggest issues that homeowners have is with frozen pipes in the winter. It’s not just pipes that can freeze, though – any garden hoses that are still connected to a water supply could still have some water in them. If that freezes and expands, then the hose pipe could split and leak. It’s always worth storing your hose pipe inside through the winter and not connected to the mains water.

Insulate Your Pipes

In order to keep your pipes from freezing during the winter, you should try to insulate them. This is especially important if they are exposed. As with the garden hose, the water could potentially freeze inside causing the pipes to burst. And that will cause a lot of havoc if it happens in your home, perhaps to the point where you will need to call a reliable and professional residential plumbing company near you to come out fix the issue. The insulation material isn’t too expensive, and you should be able to find it from your local DIY shop. This is also a job that a plumber could help you with if you aren’t too sure what you are doing.

Don’t Overfill Sink Cabinets

If there are exposed pipes in your sink cabinets, it’s important that you don’t overfill the cabinets with too many items. If you do, you risk accidentally hitting a pipe and dislodging or loosening it. It’s also worth regularly checking in these cabinets to ensure that there aren’t any drips that could be signs of leaks.

Get A Flow Sensor

One further step you could take to prevent leaks is to install a flow sensor. This can detect leaks and will shut off your water supply if it thinks that it senses one.

There are plenty of companies that will give you a helping hand such as LV Plumbing, so hopefully, you’ll never have to worry about a plumbing leak again!