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Beat The Burglars

Whether you live in an apartment in a bustling city or in a cottage, nestled in the heart of the country, your home security is paramount.

You may have been feeling that it’s time to go the extra mile and beef up you and your family’s safety but haven’t found the opportunity. We look at some smart and cost effective ways of preventing the worst from happening, for every budget.

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Smart Lighting

If there’s one thing guaranteed to put off any would-be burglar, it’s having a light shined on their activities. Installing smart lighting that comes on when it detects movement is a sure fire of way of acting as a great deterrent.

If you have problems with unwanted wildlife in your garden too, it can help scare away foxes and neighbouring cats.

If you do have a garden or balcony, make sure you don’t leave out any tools that could be used to break into your property. Consider investing in some lockable storage instead. Similarly, keep your bushes and plants pruned back to make your garden a less easy place to hide.

Strengthen Access Points

That window that doesn’t quite close properly or that door you often forget to bolt, make sure you take some time to fit proper locks on both these weak areas in your house.

Windows can easily be pulled open from outside so consider replacing old and decrepit locks with stronger versions. Simple sliding bolts can be an excellent way of making older doors a little less easy to crank open.

Create Doubt

No self-respecting burglar really wants a confrontation so make it look like your property is occupied, even when you’re out. Use curtains to prevent anyone peeking in and leave well-placed lights on, or a radio to give the impression that you’re home.

If you’re away for a while, have a neighbour come in to move mail away from the letterbox, open and close curtains and of course, feed the cat.

Clever technology will allow you to set programmes so that lights can come on and go off at various points throughout the day.

Use Technology

Whether you pick up some security lights or a door entry system like the ones from Barry Bros knowing that you’ve got something smart and intuitive on your side will help create a feeling of security in your home.

Business bloggers report  that door entry systems can even be linked to your phone so, if you’re out, you can see who’s ringing your bell and even talk to them via an app.

Hide Your Valuables

If the worst does happen and someone does gain access to your home, at least make it next to impossible to take the valuables you treasure most. Make the most of a loose floorboard, specially made hollow books or even install a safe, anything to prevent your sentimental items from disappearing. Have your laptop stowed somewhere safe too.

With great technology on your side, stronger and safer doors and windows there’s a lot you can do to help avoid becoming a victim of crime.