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Glaucoma: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Glaucoma is the eye disease that damages the optic nerve which has is characterised to perform a certain significant function. Optical nerve has only one important function that is to carry information from eye to brain. Glaucoma has three types namely;

  • Open-angle: you can feel pressure on the eyes.
  • Normal tension: you can have diffused thinning of optic nerve head rim.
  • Narrow /Closed angle: you feel severe pain in eyes along with redness, tenderness, and hardness.

When left untreated glaucoma of any type canhave adverse effects on your eyes and its functioning.


In the early stage of glaucoma, there are no clear signs or pain and can remain undetected for years. In the primary stage,the reasons can be unidentified. Here are some of the popular causes of glaucoma that certainly top the list: damage to optic nerve, poor blood flow,uncontrolled diabetes, tumors or eye injuries, eye inflammation and high blood pressure. These could be the significant condition contributing to any type of glaucoma. If your age is over 40 years, it is suggested to visit the doctor at least twice a year, to prevent glaucoma.


When talking about the symptoms of glaucoma there are merely some symptoms that significantly indicate glaucoma. When suffering from acute glaucoma condition are likely to experience one or all the following symptoms is suggested to visit a doctor immediately. Severe eye pain that comes in suddenly, bright halos appearing around objects, sudden sight loss, headaches, feeling nausea or vomiting, hazy or blurred vision. This sums up the probable symptoms of glaucoma. “Prevention is better than cure” visiting doctors regularly or when in need is the best way to prevent any serious glaucoma conditions.

Treatments & diagnosis:

Only after careful evaluation we can conclude which treatment fits best for you. This infographic is hosted by “Belson Opticians” who are one of the best opticians in Essex, guiding you through the detailed information about glaucoma. 

Glaucoma Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
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