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Making Sure Your MOT Is NOT Expensive This Year

Car ownership isn’t cheap. Most cars come complete with a hefty price tag themselves. And, that’s before you consider the expense of things like road tax and car insurance. Oh, and not to forget keeping your oil tank full!

Before you know, vast amounts of your spare monthly money could go towards your car. And, that’s before you even budget for your MOT. This annual check may be necessary, but most car owners hate it more than anything. The trouble is, of course, that your MOT has two undesirable outcomes. Either you pay for someone to tell you everything’s fine, or you face an even larger bill due to repairs. Either way, this is sure to be a painful time of year.

That’s why we think it’s always worth considering how you could cut costs here. Admittedly, you’re always going to have to pay the standard price of an MOT. But, the following pointers could save you from getting stung any more than that.

Take care of small maintenance issues ahead of time

Perhaps the best thing you can do here is get on top of your car maintenance before you send it to the garage. This is a step most of us skip. In fact, it’s not unusual to let things slide when you know the professionals will be taking a look anyway. But, this is a major no-no.

Garages are businesses, after all, and they’re out to make money from you. As such, they may stick a hefty sum on your bill for something as simple as replacing your tyres. Yet, this is something you can take care of yourself for little cost. So, do a few basic checks before you let those mechanics loose. Your bank balance will thank you for it.

Check the credentials of your garage

While MOT testing should be universal, that isn’t always the case. Dodgy garages may fail you just to get more money at the end of the job. Hence why it’s essential that you check the credentials of a garage before handing over your keys. Be sure to check that any garage has taken the time to invest in trader insurance from companies like One Sure Insurance. Make sure, too, that they have decent reviews. If possible, it’s even worth getting a personal recommendation to ensure a garage is above board. Though you might not think it, this can save a whole load in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion

Even if you trust your garage, don’t be afraid to take your car elsewhere if you feel something isn’t right. Sometimes, one garage will fail a car for something which another won’t look twice at. If you’re sure an issue is subjective in this way, then, this could be your best bet. Bear in mind that this can be risky, as you’ll need to pay for your MOT again. But, if you’re sure you can save on repairs, it could still be worth your while.