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Reusable Sandwich Bags – The Benefits of Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging comes in many forms such as sandwich bags or corrugated cardboard. It’s pretty self explanatory that reusable packaging means it can be used more than just once.

Plastic packaging has been under the spotlight for a long time and even more so within the last couple of years. The increased uptake of reusable packaging across the world is great for the environment. I’d like to take you through a few of the benefits that come with the use of reusable packaging!

The Benefits of Reusable Packaging - Sandwich Bags

Environmentally Friendly

One of the main benefits of using reusable packaging is that it reduces waste and keeps the environment much cleaner!

Just picture this, a company that is shipping thousands of products on a weekly basis across seas in single trip packaging. Imagine the amount of waste that would inevitably end up on a landfill, harming the environment! Not only this, think of all the energy that was used to create this one trip packaging!

Reusable packaging can also reduce the amount of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere through more efficient and effective transit, if designed correctly.

More Protection

As reusable packaging is designed to be reused over and over again, it’s usually much more durable and robust.

This is great news because it means any products or things packaging inside will be much safer and therefore, less likely to get damaged. This in turn will also help the environment because it means less products going to waste and less transit journeys back and forth!

Saves Money

Reusable packaging is a great way to save money for just about anyone. Let’s use sandwich bags as an example.

If you take sandwiches to work or school, then no doubt you’ve used the standard plastic, one use bags before. So you have to buy a pack of 50 bags for £5 that would last you a few weeks.

Now, imagine that you had a reusable sandwich bag that you bought for £25 that you could use and reuse for the rest of the year. Yes it’s an up front investment but in the long term a good saving! So not only would you be helping the environment, you’ll also be saving money as well, it’s a win win situation.

There’s also lunch bags to think about, especially if you’ve taken plastic bags to work or school in the past with your sandwiches inside – i’m guilty of doing this in the past!

So there we go, reusable packaging has plenty of benefits. Some of which help you directly as a consumer and some of which help the world we live in!