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New Additions To Our Daughters’ Bedroom

We moved into our first house in 2016 and after having lived in a small 2 bedroom flat for a number of years, we were so pleased to have more space for our growing family!

Archie has the box room, Maisie & Evie have the next biggest bedroom and we have the biggest bedroom, although there’s not much difference between the two!

We are always looking for new additions for our daughters room because they’ve always got new toys and nowhere to keep them! They’ve got hundreds of books and we were slowly running out of places to keep them.

So when someone from Wayfair got in touch, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate. We were given the chance to select a few products from the huge range of items they have for sale on the website.

New Bookcase

The first product we picked was a bookcase to go in our daughters room. They were much in need of more storage for their ever growing book collection.

Not only this, we had previously kept their books in drawers and that makes it difficult to see the full selection when picking a bedtime story.

The bookcase we chose was pink and had leopard print designs. It’s safe to say the girls absolutely love it!

Now all of their books have a place to live and it’s much neater than before!

New Light-shade

The next item we chose for our girls bedroom was a light shade.

When we moved in 3 years ago, we went a few months without light shades in any room. When we got round to buying light shades, we didn’t really get one for the girls that they were overly pleased with!

So we thought this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade their light shade to something they would absolutely love!

We got them a pendant chandelier, that again was pink! When we opened the package, there were plenty of excited screams from the girls as you can imagine!

Other Additions

Not as exciting, but we needed a new bin for the kitchen. Ours broke a few weeks back and this was an ideal opportunity to get a new one!

We also needed a new toilet brush, a not so glamorous item I know …….. but a crucial item for our bathroom!

We’d never used Wayfair before but after having a number of products from them, we would definitely shop there again. The quality of all items is very good and the delivery was fast which is always a bonus!

They’ve got so many products to choose from so if you ever need anything for your home, check out their website!