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Getting the Correct Tyres for Your Car Model

Purchasing tyres which are in good condition – preferably new – and that are compatible with the model of car you drive is essential. Of course, as many car owners will already know perfectly well, some tyre manufacturers will produce products which can be fitted to a wide variety of different vehicles. That does not mean that every tyre out there is a good choice for your model of car, however.

Some car makers have partnered with certain tyre manufacturers in the past in order to come up with great combinations that optimise performance. What sort of tyres should you be looking for depending on the sort of car you drive?

Getting the Correct Tyres for Your Car Model

Looking for Audi Tyres

If you want to track down the best sorts of tyres for an Audi, then bear in mind that the German car brand has developed a relationship with Bridgestone over the years. Many of its models are supplied with Bridgestone tyres these days. However, Audi has also worked with Toyo in the past.

In fact, many UK Audis are driven with Dunlop tyres, too. Thankfully, Audi tyres are on the Point S website over here which makes choosing the right set of new tyres for your Audi much easier. Find all of the possible products with just a click of the mouse and save yourself a considerable amount of time!

Searching for Fiat Tyres

Popular Fiat models, such as the Panda, were also supplied with Bridgestone tyres in the past by the Italian car maker. However, UK dealerships have always had a degree of freedom with the tyre manufacturers new Fiats can come with. This means that you are just as likely to see common Fiats – like the 500, for example – being sold with Continental tyres or even Michelins. The same can be said of the Punto and the Punto Grande.

In some cases, these are fitted with Michelin Energy tyres. Continentals were more common on new Bravos from about 2008 when these became the tyres of choice for many dealers.