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How to Install a Sunken Trampoline

If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for your kids, or even for yourself to encourage you to exercise, you’ll need to know how to set it up safely. Of course, you can stand it on your lawn if you’d prefer, but if anyone falls off they are sure to hurt themselves. Instead, you might want to think about installing it as a sunken trampoline to reduce the risk of injury. Lawsons, who sell building and landscaping supplies, have put together the following advice to help.

How to Install a Sunken Trampoline

Installing a sunken trampoline is a fairly simple process. First of all you’ll need to figure out a suitable spot and mark out the sizing. Make sure the positioning is safe and not near any potential hazards. It’s important that the hole is deep enough for the trampoline, but not so deep that it dips below ground level. Once you’re absolutely sure on the location and you’ve made the correct measurements, you can start to dig.

If your trampoline is large, you might want to hire a digger because there’ll be a lot of earth to move. Decide whether or not you want to dispose of the earth; topsoil is normally worth keeping, but you should dispose of subsoil. Depending on the soil in your garden and the drainage situation, you may want to add a mini sump in the middle of the hole. This won’t take too much longer; it would require an extra foot of digging in the centre and then filling it with rubble. You’re now all set!

Sunken trampolines are not only safer for the bouncer, it’s also safer for the trampoline because it’s protected from harsh weather conditions and can’t blow over. You could even consider putting some play bark around it for a decorative finish.