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4 Tips for Staying Warm and Healthy While Riding a Motorbike in the Winter

When the temperature begins to dip below freezing point, riding can become very uncomfortable, irrespective of how much you love your motorbike. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up on riding altogether though, because we have the following four tips for you which will keep you warm and healthy even on the coldest of rides.

4 Tips for Staying Warm and Healthy While Riding a Motorbike in the Winter

Your Fingers and Toes Need Extra Protection

What a lot of people don’t realise is that when it starts to get really cold, our extremities need even more protection than the rest of our body. The blood supply is increased around the primary organs to keep them warm, while the blood vessels near the extremities are somewhat constricted to reduce blood flow to the fingers and toes. Therefore, if you do not want to lose sensation in your fingers and consequently lose clutch control while riding, heated grips are highly recommended. At the very least, keep your fingers and toes covered with insulated, wind stopper materials.

Wear Specialised Rider’s Clothing

There are companies that make jackets, hoodies and sweaters specifically for riders and they usually have a good idea regarding what will keep motor bikers warm even while riding in sub-zero temperatures. To get you started,  take a look at this range of BRAAP sweaters and hoodies, as the Dutch company specifically makes clothing fit for riders and racers. Aside from the BRAAP sweater, they also have biker caps, neck tubes, scarves, shirts and pretty much everything you may need to complete your biker look for any season. When you are trying to find clothing that will keep you warm as you ride through cold, snowy roads, it is better to rely on a company that makes gear specifically for bikers. However, don’t forget to put on multiple layers of clothing, instead of just relying on a single sweater or jacket.

Protect Your Head

Your head being the place where your brain is, your body will try to keep it as warm as possible, but unfortunately, that’s not going to be enough unless you are actively protecting it with a woollen balaclava and an air-tight helmet without any ventilation. A well-ventilated helmet is necessary to keep things cool during the summer months, but unless you want to end up with a severe sinus infection and a terrible headache, you will need to buy an airtight helmet as well. Besides, a cold head impairs our ability to make decisions while riding, which further increases the chances of accidents on icy, slippery roads.

Take Breaks

The colder it is, the harder it would be for the rider to stay awake, so if you plan to go on a long ride, make sure that you take a route which has rest stops for you to take advantage of and get some rest in. A cup of coffee and some food can do wonders for both energy and warmth.

As a precaution, it is just better not to go for long rides in sub-zero temperatures, but if you must, or if the temperature isn’t cold enough to make riding impossible, these four tips should keep you warm and healthy throughout the winter.