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Potential Household Disasters That Are Easy to Ignore

Safety always comes first but are there household disaster you might not be aware of? Oftentimes the moment we’re through the door, the alertness that we experience outside diminishes, and we find ourselves more relaxed and easy-natured. While it’s good to be able to relax in your own home it’s also important to ensure there are no potential disasters lurking around either!

In this guide, we highlight the top potential household disasters you need to be aware of. That way you can avoid the disasters, ensure your home is safe, that everything is working correctly and get back to blissfully relaxing. 

1. A Slow Draining Sink

A slow draining sink in the initial stages rarely warrants any raised eyes. The problem in this matter is that whenever we do virtually anything related to the sink, we’re used to the water in the basin flowing into the drain by itself. We rarely ever stand there and inspect the whole collective process. Furthermore, in our state of mental absence, we’re also likely to forget a crumb here or there and let it flow down the sink.

Over time, the effects of our negligence accumulate, and we’re left with a sink that drains slowly. A slow draining sink presents a plethora of problems that can cost you plenty. For starters, there is a high chance that you’ll end up flooding your kitchen if your sink doesn’t drain correctly and you accidentally leave it running. If there is food or an organic residue, this will be coupled with an awful smell as well. If you ever feel that your sink isn’t draining properly or if even there is the slightest of delay, get professional help as soon as you can!

Potential Household Disasters That Are Easy to Ignore

2. Roof Damage

Since the roof is one place that isn’t actively visible if you’re in the house, it’s easy to forget while it’s out of mind. However, the effects of a damaged roof cannot be underestimated. For starters, there are a plethora of things that can alter the structure or damage your roofs, such as seepage or structural breakdown.

Since most of this might not be visible normally on initial inspection momentarily, you need to do routine checkups to ensure that everything is in working order and strong. Check routinely for things like missing tiles, dampness, and cracks. Always remember this – the effects of a damaged roof can often end up being severely life-threatening, especially if there is structural damage. Hence, if you feel even in the slightest if something is wrong, get it checked and fixed as soon as you can!

Potential Household Disasters That Are Easy to Ignore

3. Fire Hazards

Fire hazards occur from sources that we might not be aware of or consider and are caused due to negligence. Since the direct effect of this is often life threatening, basic knowledge about this is mandatory. Gas leaks and checks should be made routinely to check that there are no leaky gas pipes or anything of the sort. If you have a fireplace, this should also be cleaned out each year by a professional. Routine maintenance of any heating devices on a yearly basis is a great preventative measure against fire hazards.

Potential Household Disasters That Are Easy to Ignore

4. Kids and Water Features

If you have a swimming pool in your house, and the children fancy playing in the water, it is your responsibility to stay vigilant and supervise them, regardless of the depth of the water. It can be a good idea if the water feature will be unattended to put up a barrier around it as well. You can even opt for a decorative fence that serves the dual purpose of keeping children a safe distance from the water feature.

5. Tumble Dryers

There are plenty of top tumble dryers available to purchase these days. Yet no matter which tumble dryer you have, cleaning the lint tray as a part of your wash-up routine is something that should be made an essential part of your regular cleaning routine as well. Lint accumulates due to the material of the cloth in the washing machine and does so in small amounts. Over time, the amount of lint can easily become overwhelming, which is why we might often choose not to attend to it in the first place but get more careful about it later on. Since lint is combustible, we should always ensure that it’s cleaned and out of the way as soon as possible. This, on the other hand, can also increase the efficiency of the machine and save electricity bills!

Now that you know the top household disaster, it’s a good idea to find a handyman so you can easily fix up any issues that may be lurking in your home. Before you know it, you’re home will be properly fixed and you can once again rest easy that you’ve taken care of any potential household disasters before they occur.