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Dog Owners: 7 Ways to Keep your Best Friend Happy

There’s nothing quite like owning a dog. No other pet gives you so much love, loyalty and companionship, and it is no wonder that dogs are often known as ‘man’s best friend.’ Keeping your dog happy is key to its vitality and well-being, so if you think your pooch has been looking down in the dumps recently, these tips should help keep that tail wagging.

Dog Owners 7 Ways to Keep your Best Friend Happy

1. Healthy Diet

For your dog to be in tip-top health, your pooch needs a high-quality diet that has the correct vitamins and food groups that keep them looking well and feeling great, too. You can feed your dog a full kibble diet, but you can also feed them meat, vegetables and rice. Remember, there are foods you will want to avoid, such as chocolate, onions, garlic and nuts. You can also consider looking at natural supplements for your dog, as this can help improve their health. You could check out this Nutra Thrive for Dogs discount if this is something that would interest you.

2. Exercise

Most dogs relish the chance to go for a walk, play chase and fetch balls. Make sure you take your dog out at least once per day. Some high energy dog breeds will need two good walks per day, so if you cannot work this into your schedule, you will need to hire a dog walker.

3. Skin and Coat Health

Looking after your dog’s skin and coat will help keep him feeling happy and relaxed. Keep on top of parasites such as fleas and ticks, and keep his coat brushed and clean. If you don’t have the space to regularly bath your dog, a specialist groomer such as Upper Hound can do the job instead.

4. Socialising

Make sure your dog regularly meets new people and other dogs. It will keep him feeling confident and happy. Take them to doggy meet ups, or simply head to the park.

5. Treats and Toys

We all enjoy a treat not and then, and dogs are no exception. Give your dog a treat to say ‘Well done,’ as well as toys to keep him stimulated when you’re not there. Change the toys regularly to keep things interesting. Dogs love to chew, so giving them toys is a way to protect items in your home too.

6. Space to Relax

A dog will appreciate having his own bed, or space to relax, in a designated area of your home. This is important if you have a noisy household, as sometimes a dog will just want a bit of quiet time. Having an area to call his own will help your dog feel secure, and give him somewhere to rest his head if he needs a nap.

7. Training

In a dog’s world, there is an alpha figure that gives commands, and without a pack to run with, that alpha is you. Keep your dog happy by training him to do simple commands, such as sitting, waiting and listening to your whistle. Not only will this keep your dog obedient, but your dog will enjoy taking direction from you.

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience, and they quickly become a special member of your family. No matter what breed of dog you have, they all need the chance to express their doggy behaviour. Keep your dog happy and in a healthy condition by following these tips, and you can look forward to many happy times together.

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