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The Various Steps to a Full Home Renovation

Renovating the entire house is certainly a major project, and unless you plan on moving out and using a few teams of painters and decorators, you will need to focus on one room at a time. This makes everything easier, plus it won’t affect your daily routine as much, and with that in mind, here are a few tips of carrying out a major renovation on your property.

The Various Steps to a Full Home Renovation
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  • Start with the Room Furthest Away – This will ensure that you are not trafficking through a newly decorated room, and with the upper floor, one of the bedrooms or the bathroom might be a good place to start. This means you should also budget per room, in fact, you can divide the entire renovation project into room mini-projects, each with its own budget and timeline. It will likely take you at least a couple of years to renovate every room in the house, so be patient, and with a 3 month break during the winter months, you can work to a realistic schedule.
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  • Seek Out an Affordable Home Improvements Supplier – Find a leading DIY and Trade website, as they will stock absolutely everything you need, plus a lot more, and with trade prices, expect to enjoy considerable savings on the materials you will be purchasing. They would also have a wide range of essential hand and power tools, which you will need if you will be carrying out the work yourself.
  • Take a Winter Break – The dead of winter is hardly the time for home renovations, as you will lose a lot of heat, and after a few months of working every weekend, it is nice to take a break over Christmas and New Year. Before you begin, you might want to read a blog on how to manage a home renovation, which outlines common mistakes and will help you to better plan.
  • Don’t Skimp on Quality – It is tempting to try and stretch a limited budget by cutting corners or buying cheaper materials. Going down the DIY road is already saving you a fortune on labour costs. And, with the best quality plumbing materials to a variety of shower trays from an online trade supplier, you won’t need to compromise on quality.
  • Review and Adapt your Performance – After a room is finished, spend a little time thinking about how things went. Was there anything that could be changed? Learning as you go should allow you to become more productive, and by the time you reach the last room, you will be a seasoned DIY pro.
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  • Spend Time Thinking Design – It isn’t very often that we renovate our home, so make sure you have examined all of the design options, and with the emphasis on low maintenance, you can create a décor that is much easier to maintain.

Be patient and work methodically, and also think about a theme for the entire project, which will help with colour and design choices. Themed homes can be very attractive, and you might want to let the rest of the family have some input, which might bring to the forefront some excellent ideas.