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How to Market Your Business During Easter

Are you a business owner and unsure on your marketing strategies? Easter time is a great opportunity for some fun, creative marketing campaigns to boost the visibility of your business. By planning a new strategy, such as promotional giveaways or an Easter themed infographic, you’ll likely attract some new customers. It’s important to plan ahead where seasonality and special events are concerned, so here are some ideas to market your business this Easter:

How to Market Your Business During Easter

Easter Decorations

If you own a shop or a restaurant be sure to put up some Easter decorations in the windows and throughout to attract attention and draw in customers. Seasonal events tend to cause a flurry of consumer activity, giving you the chance to really market your business in a new way. For example, you could give away some tasty chocolate treats or hand out flyers offering Easter discounts. If you serve cocktails, you could bring out a special Easter flavour.

Easter Website Banners

If you have a graphic designer, you could ask them to create some new Easter banners and have them added to your website. If not then you could just add some Easter themed photography to the site and share the same photos on social media so that your online presence ties in seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Easter Competitions

Competitions and giveaways are a fantastic way to reward your loyal customers and entice some new ones. If you’ve got a conference or exhibition coming up over the Easter period, you can give away promotional Easter gifts, such as chocolate eggs with your branding on them. This will leave a lasting impression on the people you meet, who might then become clients at a later date.